Recovered Binge Eater Reveals Simple System That You Can Use to Stop Binge Eating, Stop Overeating, and Beat Even The Most Powerful Cravings...Almost Overnight

Hi, I'm Kevin Burciaga


If you want to stop overeating, stop binge eating, have total control over what you eat, and beat even the worst junk food cravings without restricting, therapy, or willpower, then keep reading. I have something for you.

 It doesn't matter how many years you’ve been struggling.

It doesn't matter how "hopeless" you are.

You can use this simple method too if you keep reading and take action.

Dear friend,

I have an important message for you.

If you're reading this, you have health and fitness goals that you want to hit:

  • You want to lose a certain number of pounds by that wedding, high school reunion, or big event you’re going to, so you can impress everyone else
  • Fit into your old clothes again, or wear the ones you bought but still have the tags on them
  • Go to the gym five days a week and do that fitness class
  • Eat healthier, avoid processed food, and avoid the fast food drive-thru
  • Impress your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, significant other, your neighbors, or even complete strangers
  • Lower your cholesterol so you can get off that cholesterol medication and never take medications again

Whatever it is, you have goals and a vision of a healthier, fitter, better you.

Achieving those goals, however, is another matter. That's because there are some forces that are working against them, forces that you don't know about. But these forces are sabotaging you. And if you keep reading, I'll tell you what those forces are.

First, my story.



When I was a college student, I decided to eat a really healthy diet. You know what I’m talking about: whole foods, clean foods, superfoods, no processed foods.

I even decided to eliminate all meat except fish. I "just wanted to be healthy" I told everyone.

I was going to get super-healthy. I was going to be fitter, leaner, stronger than everyone around me.

I cut out all the junk food, all the stuff they say you shouldn’t eat. I scanned every label to make sure there were no "bad" ingredients that could defile me.

It worked for a while, but then I started acting weird.

I started weighing my food with a scale I got for Christmas. Then I started counting everything, started tracking macros like an accountant, but I also started to lose weight.

Pretty soon, my health was worse than before! 

I went to more physician appointments in one year than the rest of my life combined. A lot of tests, a lot of waiting, but no answers.

I remember a hormone doctor telling me I would never run a triathlon again because I had so little muscle mass.

I was wasted. No muscle, anemic, no strength. I was a pathetic, scrawny 22-year-male who was eating "to be healthy."

Everybody around me was concerned.

But then it got worse:

I started chewing and spitting chocolate, pies, cakes and everything else I could get my hands on. I couldn't control it! I felt like something had hijacked me.

I literally dived into dumpsters to get discarded cakes and pies!

Soon, I was binging and purging my food. And if I couldn't purge, I would exercise excessively or starve myself for days to compensate. 

I didn't know what to do. I had lost all control.

I desperately tried to get that control back.

I tried everything that seemed logical. I thought I had to do intermittent fasting (sometimes fasting for days!), use more willpower, and keep my kitchen empty. I tried a bunch of diets, but eventually I caved in.

After many years, I realized something: the same beliefs and the same actions would lead me to the same result.

I had to do something different but I didn't know what.

Finally, I had an epiphany. The solution didn’t require any extra work, more time at the gym, or radically altering my diet. I didn't have to starve myself every day.

So what was it?

The answer was between my two ears: my brain. 

For years I thought my brain was broken, that I had a defect, that my circuit board was fried! But it was working the whole time. The problem was the way I used it.

Then I figured out how to use it properly and make smarter decisions. Now I teach my method to clients around the world. And I’m about to share it with you.

If you want to know how I finally stopped these habits that were destroying my life without ever going to rehab, then keep reading…

That’s when I finally developed the Empowered Eating System (EES).

Because how you eat is as important as what you eat.

For years, I thought I was “broken” and that my brain was “beyond repair.” I thought my metabolism was wrecked and that I would never eat right again. I swore I could never eat sugar or white flour ever again. I thought I could never eat processed food ever again. I had to keep my kitchen empty for the rest of my life.

None of that was true.



Here is what you will discover in the Empowered Eating System:

  • How to eat according to real hunger and how to recognize true hunger. Distinguish between "mind" hunger and "real" hunger and you're off to a great start. 

  • The truth about emotional eating, and what do to about it. Never let emotions sabotage your health, your fitness, or your physique when you use these tactics.

  • How to beat boredom eating for good. Don't let boredom and free time be an excuse to consume thousands of unnecessary calories. In fact, you can use boredom to your advantage! Here's how.

  • Even more importantly, how to stop eating before you say "what the hell?" and eat everything in the kitchen.

  • Stop any and all cravings dead in their tracks once you understand the true source of cravings. Are they coming from within, or is something else creating them?

  • Why staring at a wall can sometimes be one of the most powerful ways to preempt a binge. So simple, almost silly, but discover how it works!

  • The importance of not eating while distracted. This isn't discussed much in the diet world and is completely ignored in most meal plans, but it's a critical part of recovery. This is way more important than you think.

  • How you eat is almost as important as how much or what you eat. Here's why.

    There is so much emphasis on what to eat, macros, meal plans, but so little attention is directed towards how to eat. When is the last time somebody taught you HOW to eat, instead of WHAT to eat. Big difference, and they are equally important.

  • A simple 3-step process I used to consistently stop bad behaviors. I even use this method with other bad habits in my life.

  • How to NEVER eat junk food again if you don't want to. Junk food has been called "addictive," even more addictive than cocaine, but pretty soon you won't even want it.

  • Why eating the same thing every day might be HARMFUL to your long-term health and goals

  • The four phases of recovery and why you should go through them. How to start at ground zero and build new habits from the ground up.

  • Why the "cold turkey" approach to changing will make recovery that much longer and harder.

  • Speaking of "recovery," what is the definition of recovery anyway? I'll explain. If you don't know where you're going, you'll never get there.

  • Make choices that combine your personal preferences with basic nutrition principles. You must get these two correct, or else you'll be chasing diets like a wild goose chase!

  • How to figure out what the best diet is for you. Every body and everybody is different. Knowing yourself is critical. Here's how to determine what works and what doesn't.

  • How to say "no" when you want to say "yes" and vice versa. Sometimes those urges seem impossible. Here's what to do in those cases.

    Being able to say "No" might be one of the greatest skills in life, but saying "yes" all the time will hurt your health and your life. It's only 2 letters, and the first word you learned, but it might be the most important word in this program.

  • Should you do intermittent fasting to lose weight and regain control? I'll explain the pitfalls, but also the potential advantages.

  • Why it takes more than 21 days to create a new habit. You'll hear gurus talk about the "21-day rule" but this has been refuted! Here's why 21 days is meaningless.

  • How to crush night time eating and what to do when you have the worst cravings at 2 in the morning.

  • Why "throwing away the scale out the window" is a bad idea, but why obsessive tracking could be detrimental too. Here's how to strike a happy medium.

  • The truth about your brain. What if I told you your brain is working just fine and doesn't need to be "re-wired?" Your brain is working as well as anybody else's. I'll show you why you are feeling a "tug of war" or a "civil war" inside your head. This explains why you intend to one thing, but end up doing the other.

  • Discover the 10 beliefs that are driving you to do what you do- overeat, binge, eat at night, etc. It's 1 of these 10 thoughts that make you do what you do. Just one of these thoughts could sabotage your success.

  • How to lose weight without regaining it, and how to make the number go down consistently. 

    What if you stepped on the scale and smiled?

    I've simplified "healthy eating" to 12 core principles. Here's what those principles are. Had I followed these principles years ago, I would have never developed an eating disorder. You can skip thousands of pages of books and just follow these principles. 

  • What to do about guilt and anxiety around "fear foods" and why you should never fear food again.

  • Are you convinced that something is "hijacking" your brain? Here's why that's not true, and what's really "hijacking" you.

  • The importance of taking total ownership of your problem and why that's a pre-requisite for success. 

  • Why you should never take advise from Dr. Oz, Oprah Winfrey, or Mark Hyman, Joel Fuhrman, or most popular diet books. The advise in these books could damage your health and your relationship with food

  • Follow the core principles of diet and nutrition and not only will you eat healthy, but you will save money!

  • How changing habits is easier than you think- if you follow this formula.

  • What to do when you have had a "bad day" and how to recover and get back on your feet faster than a prize fighter!

  • Why relapse is part of the process and how to handle it without throwing in the towel.

  • The danger of saying "eff it," and why these two words could send your recovery into a tailspin!

  • Why following your intuition at first could be a disaster (yes, Intuitive Eating could wreck you). Making choices completely based on nutrition will make you lonely and miserable. I’ll show you how to combine intuition with knowledge.

    Don't get me wrong. Intuitive Eating works if it's done right. It should be the goal, but it's not the means. Here's how to eat intuitively. 

  • Why eating a variety can serve as a buffer against future binges and urges. Eating the same thing every day could make you less healthy and less resilient. I'll explain why.

  • Eat for energy, but not too much! Calories aren’t your problem, they’re what you need. Don’t make choices that leave you feeling like crap. Make choices that give you the energy to do what you want without going overboard. 

  • How to eliminate processed foods and then reincorporate them (if you choose), without triggering uncontrollable urges and cravings

  • Find out what the Bible (yes, the Bible!) says about binge eating- a little known verse that's easy to miss- your pastor has never told you about this! A powerful passage that even atheists should read.

  • How to keep M&M's and other candy near your desk or in your drawer- and forget them


Here's how it works:

It starts at the beginning of the month and goes 13 weeks (3 months). As soon as you join, you will have instant access to the first week of recorded modules. Each 2 weeks, you will have access to another module. There are six total modules (see below for an outline). 

Two times a month, you and other members will get on a live call with me and we will discuss your most pressing questions.

You will also have access to me through e-mail and Marco Polo (video text messaging) for additional support. I use What’s App for international (non-US) members.

You will have the accountability, the encouragement, the knowledge, and most importantly, the path forward. No more guessing. No more going back to day one.

Who knows, you might even make a new friend or fall in love while you’re in the program! (no guarantees)



How is EES Structured?

  • Identify the obstacles, beliefs, and thoughts, that are holding you back. Without this you won’t make progress.

  • Figure out what you really want. You would be surprised how few people know this!

  • Core principles of recovery. These principles took me 10 years to develop and I’m handing them to you in one module.

  • Establishing the right mindset. Quit “doing” and start “thinking” differently.

GOAL: figure out where you are now, where you want to go, and start the journey


  • Identify the habits you need to create, keep, and eliminate. You already have good habits. Now you need to create so many good ones you don’t have space for bad ones!

  • The science of creating new habits. With the right mindset, and with these principles, it's more simple than you think

  • Future pacing: a powerful exercise that can stop bad habits almost immediately

  • The power of microshifts and mini-habits. These concepts make change easier than you thought.

GOAL: start creating new habits


  • Discover and apply "R cubed", the simple 3-step hack I created to stop any binge, any craving, or any urge, anytime, anywhere.

  • Understand the brain and the different parts of the brain. Do you ever feel like there is a civil war in your head? After this module, you'll know why, and what to do about it.

  • The power self-awareness, and why willpower is overrated. Start using self-awareness to create new habits and behavior.

GOAL: beat a craving or urge for the first time and prove that you can do it


  • Core principles of diet “rehab” and why it’s important to not make sweeping changes in one day. Follow this progression to make your transition “easier.”

  • Why it’s important to call a “ceasefire” on certain foods and why "food freedom" could spell disaster

  • How to deal with another episode (or “slip up”) and how to recover as fast as possible

  • How to reincorporate "binge foods" and 'fear foods" back into your diet, if you choose to at all

GOALS: progressively incorporate more foods into your diet; feel more comfortable; build self-trust; start seeing the scale move


  • Simple core principles that will make eating right simple. This also took me 10 years to figure out! And they’re so simple if you stop over-complicating everything.

  • How to establish a sustainable diet and stick to it. You don’t have to eliminate any food groups, nor do you have to eat a strict diet forever. In fact, that might harm your progress. I’ll show you why.

GOALS: establish a consistent diet that works; eat right consistently; cut out processed foods


  • How to lose weight after an eating disorder or after years of unhealthy habits, and how to maintain that lost weight. Why lose it only to regain it? Lose it once, and keep it off.

  • Why you should never lose weight fast, and why most diets fail

  • If you don't want to regain weight and you don't want to struggle, never do this one thing

  • The principles of weight loss and maintenance. Again, it's so simple, so logical, and so obvious, it's like the entire diet industry doesn't want you to know!

  • Why throwing out the scale is a bad idea and could harm your progress

GOALS: continue to move towards your goal weight without interruption


How cool is that?  Is that even possible?


I’m not blowing smoke up your butt. I’m serious.

I doesn't matter if you’ve been struggling for weeks, months, or years. Everyone is capable of eating right, anytime, anywhere.

If you are committed to changing, want to change, and you’re intelligent enough to comprehend these words, then you are capable.


What to Expect

Here's a preview of what you can expect after 3 months:

  • Follow any diet plan, whether it’s keto, paleo, vegan, fruitarian, flexitarian, whatever-tarian. Unless you have control over your two hands and your mouth, the diet you follow is irrelevant. You must be able to make smart decisions and be able to control what you eat.
  • Eat whatever you want, whenever you want, without blowing your diet or your calorie budget. That means you don’t eat a piece of cake and say, “what the hell, I might as well have one more piece.” Or, you don’t have to have the cake at all, and you’re okay with that. Whatever you choose.
  • Never fall off the “wagon” again. In fact, you might burn the wagon altogether
  • Maintain a healthy body weight without overeating, purging, dieting, or starving. You will arrive  at a number of the scale that makes your satisfied.
  • Free up your time to pursue more meaningful things in life, instead of spending all your time thinking about and planning your food. This might be the biggest benefit of doing this. The mental cost of unhealthy eating behaviors is higher than you think.
  • Sleep through the night without raiding the refrigerator, because nothing interrupts a good night of sleep like a night binge.
  • Keep anything in the home, even "fear foods," and NEVER eat it

Imagine if you did have
control over what you ate.

Controlling what you eat might seem impossible at times, but it’s possible.

You have to believe that. And what if you did.

The truth is, either you conquer cravings, or cravings will conquer you.

And if you did conquer cravings, here’s what would happen:

You would never fall off the wagon again.

You've probably fallen off the wagon, climbed on again more than once. Get on the wagon and stay on.

You would never overeat or binge again.

One reason you’re reading this is because you consistently binge or overeat. What’s the difference? Only the magnitude. Your goal is to eat according to your goals and your ideal vision. As long as you overeat and binge, you’ll never reach that point.

You would control what you eat - anytime, anywhere.

What if you didn’t “clean the plate” like it’s the Great Depression? What if you could only eat a handful of chips, instead of the whole bag? What if you could eat 1 or 2 cookies and leave the rest? Or one scoop of ice cream? Or one square of chocolate? And then not care?

You would never avoid another social event.

When you eat with control, body weight takes care of itself. When that happens, you don’t have to worry what others will think about the rolls on your stomach or that sheath of fat covering your body.

By now, you’re probably thinking...

“...this sounds great, but how much does this cost?"

The money question. I knew it was coming.

Let me ask you something first:

How much is it costing you to stay where you are?

❌How much time and money are you spending on extra food? One fast food meal is $8 or $9. One binge could easily cost $20 or $30.

❌ How much energy and focus are you wasting? What else could you be focusing on? What other relationships, goals, and activities are you neglecting? How much time are you wasting?

❌ How many social events are you skipping? Have you skipped a night out, a BBQ, a party, because you were too scared about the food? Were you too scared that you would lose control or blow your diet?

❌ How is it impacting your ability to perform at school, at work, and in life? Are you showing up in other areas of your life? If you’re losing sleep at night and you can’t focus, there is no way you can show up 100% for people in your life. This isn’t about you, it’s about everyone around you.

❌ How much stress, anxiety, and doubt are these habits creating? It’s hard to feel secure and confident when you’re dealing with disordered habits. Your body and self-image are taking a hit.


Now let me ask you a question.

How much would you pay to for all this:

✅ Have control over what you eat at all times so that you eat in alignment with your goals. How nice would it be to know that you’re always in control? How would it feel to get rid of that awful cognitive dissonance in your head (“I know I need to lose weight and stop overeating, but I’m doing it one last time!”)

✅ Eat right, anytime, anywhere so you don’t sabotage yourself and see yourself as a failure. Never say, “how could I do that?” again.

✅ Never worry again if today is going to be a “good” day or a “bad” day. Imagine if every day were a good day.

✅ Never fall of the wagon and undo all the progress you made. Nothing is more frustrating than doing well and then going back and starting over again. Get the momentum and keep it.

✅ Have a smile so clean and white people naturally gravitate towards you and like you instantly

✅ Everyone who saw you on a dating app swiped right



I bet you would pay a lot more than what I’m asking!

I’m willing to bet this isn’t the first program you’ve joined. You’ve probably tried other programs, 30-day challenges, and some other quick fix.

I’m not saying those challenge and programs don’t help. In fact, a lot of people get success with them, and they have a lot of things I like about them.

But if they were the answer, then why are you reading this? Keep reading…


Wait, What am I Getting?

Great question! Let’s review:

13 Weeks of Accountability

Along with 13 weeks of support, motivation, knowledge, and key principles that could change your life

1-on-1 Support

Access to me thru Marco Polo (What’s App if you’re outside the United States) and e-mail, and the 3 live calls each month (2 at 6pm Pacific, and 1 at 6am Pacific). This gives you a way to communicate with me if you need additional help. If asking a question on a live call is too much, this is an alternative channel.

Unlimited Access

Unlimited access to the modules. You can return to these modules any time you want. If I ever make upgrades, you will have access to that too.

“Okay, Kevin, so how much are you offering all this?”

The price depends on several variables: 1) which level of recovery you're in; 2) your age (some ages qualify for a promo code); 3) whether you are a student; 4) your vibe. 

So I can't just give you a price. You will have to click 'Get Started' and schedule a call with me.

But I promise: my prices are reasonable and the outcome is worth 100x more.

Also, my prices will eventually go up. If you leave and come back, you could be paying more than necessary.

You’re going to avoid a lot of needless pain regardless what you pay.

If it makes you feel better, I've had college students join my program and work with me. If they can afford it, you can too. You just have to want it enough. 

I have payment plans, cash back for testimonials, and cash back for referrals. If you referred a few people, you would hardly pay anything. At this point, you can't afford NOT to join.

My prices are so generous, I might even miss my rent payment and get evicted if I sell it for this little. But I’m going to do it anyway.

I should sell it for $2,000, but I’m not, because I want you to get results and start getting them fast. And I'm a nice guy with some empathy. 


My Empowered Guarantee

If you are not succeeding, making progress, conquering cravings, or are not seeing the progress that you want to see, then I will offer you your money back AND you can keep access to all the modules.

However, you will not be able to attend any more live calls, and you will not be able to enroll again in the future.

I will do my part, but you have to do your part. That means you must:

✅ Watch the modules

✅ Do the action steps

✅ Show up to at least one live call each month

✅ Send me at least 2 Marco Polos each month or 2 e-mails each month


I will honor the guarantee if you do your part. Maybe I can’t help you, but there is a 99% chance I can.

How can I do that? Because I know what works and what doesn’t. I know how the brain works. And I know that anybody, including you, is capable of beating bad habits and creating new ones starting today. I know this scientifically and I know this in my heart. Nobody is beyond repair. If you want to see these changes and they are important enough to you, you will do them.

I’m here to push you in the right direction, show you how simple it is, and give you the accountability and support.

The truth is: you are 90% of the solution. I’m the final 10% that you need.

This means you have nothing to lose by enrolling today. If you join, you do the work, and it isn’t working, you lose nothing. At least you’ll pick up a few tips on the way.



I will also provide the following guarantee:


  • Provide exceptional support for you. Listen, I lived with multiple eating disorders for 10 years of my life. Every second of it sucked. The reason I spent so much money and time creating this program is that I don’t want anyone else to deal with it like I did. It was so unnecessary. It wasted my time. I lost opportunities to spend with friends but I didn’t because I decided to binge or fast instead.
  • Lead you on a path to permanent recovery. This isn’t a 7-day quick fix. This isn’t the Biggest Loser. You can apply these principles forever. My goal is to make this the last diet/nutrition/weight program you will ever buy. Trust me, if this isn’t it, I don’t know what is.
  • End the food struggle once and for all. If you’ve been struggling with cravings for years, you know how exhausting it is. Every frickin’ day is a struggle. How many calories will I eat today? Will I ever reach my goal? Will today be a good day or a bad day? Will I blow it again? Will I be able to control myself at the party today?
  • That you will never need to diet again. Once you realize how destructive dieting is, you will probably never want to do it. But I designed EES to be the “diet” to end all diets. No celery juice, wheatgrass, or butter coffee.

My advice? Click the button below and get started.


Now you have two choices. 

So what’s it going to be? Only you can decide.

At this point you have two options:

Leave this page and keep doing what you’re doing

You might be skeptical. You might not believe the claims. Maybe you don’t think it will work for you. Maybe it’s not worth fixing this right now. You have all these thoughts in your head. I get it. I’m skeptical like you. I hear claims every day.

But imagine if this is the solution you’ve been looking for and you leave:

You will continue to have irresistible urges and cravings and you won’t know how to deal with them

You will continue to binge, overeat, chew & spit, whatever, with no relief in sight

You will continue to obsess over your food, diverting mental energy from more important things in your life

You will continue to have a bad relationship with food when you could have a healthy, normal one

Speaking of “normal,” you will continue to wonder if you will ever eat normally again

And you will wonder if you will ever hit those health and fitness goals you’ve had for so long. You will continue to tell yourself, “someday.”


Do you want to stay in this rut forever? Then keep reading, because you have another option.


You can start making progress TODAY

Enroll now and get your first win. It won’t change everything, but what if you started making changes today?

You can conquer urges and cravings once and for all. How good would it feel to be in control again after years of being out of control?

You can eat what you want, when you want, without losing control

You can stop obsessing about everything you eat and start focusing on everything else in your life that is more important

You can find new problems to solve. Yes, you will have problems after you finish EES, but they will be newer and better problems.

You can stop binging, overeating, chewing & spitting, eating at night, etc. and finally eat like a normal person again. The scale will start to move the right way, and you won’t have to “wonder” when you will reach those fitness goals.


So what’s going to be?


If you want to eat right, be healthy, and be at your ideal body weight, you probably know that it’s harder than ever to make healthy and empowered choices about what you eat.

Why is it so hard? 

Why don’t you make healthy choices naturally and effortlessly?


Consider this...


  • Spending on take-out has almost tripled just in the past 15 years, and most take-out meals aren’t designed for your health and are deliberately made to make you overeat. The taste, the texture, and even the color is deliberately manufactured to make you lose control.

  • Cheap, tasty food is everywhere. Back in the day, gas stations only sold gas. Now they sell everything your palate could desire. Vending machines? Everywhere. Office meetings? Donuts and bagels are served. Even home improvement stores sell candy!

  • It’s harder than ever to get a good night’s sleep. You can blame video games, electronics, social media, Netflix, music, etc., but when you sleep less, you eat more, and you make more impulsive decisions.

  • Every year, food manufacturers release at least 20,000 new food products. Manufacturers spend billions of dollars to make the food as rewarding as possible. They employ scientists and food chemists to design just the perfect flavor and texture. Their goal? To make you eat more. More eating, more profits. The more you weigh, the more they make!

  • Grocery stores spend millions on consultants to make their aisles and displays as attractive as possible. They put popular items at eye level. They use catchy words and end-displays. Now they’re even tracking your spending habits so they can send you the right coupon. Their goal? To make you buy more and eat more. 

You binge, they make money. Then you go back for more.

What are you going to do about it?


The Eat More Trap

The environment we are living in now is designed to make you do one thing: eat more, but your goal is to get fit, lose weight, eat right, and be healthy.

The problem is, your brain is hardwired for an era when food was hard to get, when eating meat was a luxury, and when hunger was the norm.

It's no wonder meeting your health and fitness goals is so hard. With so many stimuli, advertisements, and tasty options available, it’s harder than ever to control what you eat, make smart choices, and maintain a healthy body weight.

As a result, overeating, binge eating and obesity have become epidemics, pandemics, and there's no sign it's getting better.

Not only does this have serious physical repercussions, but it also has emotional ones as well: the feeling that you’re out of control, that you have no willpower, that you have no self-control. Those are awful feelings.

Then there’s the secrecy. You never tell anybody what you do when you’re not in front of people (eating an entire pint of ice cream). That would be too painful.

Listen, if this sounds familiar, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. I’m basically describing my life for 10 years. You’re in the right place.


The Willpower Myth

It’s easy to fall for the willpower myth, but willpower won’t work. So, what’s the answer?

What if I told you that you need more self-awareness and not willpower? What do I mean?

Self-awareness means you know what you’re doing and more importantly, why you’re doing it.

When you take the time, even just a second, to understand why you’re doing something, what emotions you’re feeling, and what your options are, it changes everything.

When you’re aware of what you’re feeling and where your emotions are coming from, then you don’t have to use willpower to beat a craving.

Being aware allows you to be more proactive, which means you take action before you get the craving or the thought. When you’re reactive, you take action after the craving. When you’re proactive, you take control. When you’re reactive, you’re always responding.

Self-awareness puts you in charge of the situation, even when it’s hard to make the right decision. You could be in the same situation and have the same cravings, but if you use self-awareness instead of willpower, you’re going to win.


False Solutions Will Always Fail

I’m going to bet good money that you’ve tried some other diets.

I’m not going to start a diet war here. Each of these diets have their own advantages and disadvantages. But they all depend on your ability to control what you eat and say no when you want to say yes. They only work when you show that ability to control yourself. Otherwise, a vegan diet of potato chips, soda, and vegan cookies is no healthier than the standard American diet. And a keto diet filled with tons of butter, cream, and cheese will leave you heavier than before.

Dieting is the worst solution of all, and sadly, the most common.

I guess it’s a natural reaction to gaining weight.

This is a wrong approach, and dieting might even be leading to the obesity crisis worldwide. Dieting might be the biggest hazard no one is talking about.

It's a short-term solution at best. You want to look good for that wedding in one month? Sure, go on a diet. Want to feel good, have freedom and finally eat with control for the rest of your life? Then don’t do it.

If you watch YouTube or TV, you would think intermittent fasting is the secret to health and longevity. Listen, IF is great. I do it myself sometimes, but it was not the ultimate answer to my problem. It’s a good habit but nothing more.

I fasted, lost weight, and only regained it. It doesn’t take a lot of time to binge and eat a ton of food. Some people even gain weight on IF. This isn’t the end-all be-all.

Have you cut out everything from your diet? When people try to lose weight fast, they do it by cutting out anything with flavor (or calories). They clean out the pantry and the fridge. This only works for a while, but not forever. Remember, your 24-hour grocery store is right down the street.

As a former personal trainer and physical therapist today, I’m a huge proponent of exercise. Hell, I teach it for a living. But I want to make it clear that exercise alone will not solve a bad diet. You only have so much time to spend in the gym.

Use exercise the right way, not the wrong way. Besides, do you really want to make your gym a second home? I’m sure you have better things to do.

You don’t need to eliminate food groups, do another diet, or do intermittent fasting.

What you need is a system of making decisions that you can implement all day every day for the rest of your life. What is that system? 

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“It’s so simple, I can’t believe it took me 10 years to figure this out” -Kevin Burciaga

After years of struggling with over-exercising, binge eating, overeating, restricting, dieting, etc., I finally realized that it didn’t really matter what I ate. What I realized is that how I ate was equally important.

I quit focusing on various diets, quit obsessing about my macros, about which kind of berry I ate, which kind of energy bar I ate, or which kind of protein powder I ate. I stopped over analyzing everything and realized that it was my own decisions, not my diet, that were sabotaging me.


What Can I Expect After I Finish the EES?

☑️ Have complete control over what you eat, regardless of what you eat.

☑️ Never binge or overeat or binge even when salt, sugar, and fat are freely available.

☑️ Never undereat, starve yourself, or go on a diet again

☑️ No more compensation for the last binge (overexercise, purging, fasting, enemas).

You don’t have to follow any specific diet to maintain your weight. You don’t have to follow specific macros or cut out entire food groups.

You don’t have to worry about social events. Don’t worry about the bagels and donuts at the office; or the dessert tray at the BBQ; or all the comfort food at Thanksgiving.  

Arrive at a natural body weight that works for you.

What should I NOT expect after I finish EES?


You should not expect to be completely fulfilled and happy with your life. The truth is, this program will help you eat right, but it won’t necessarily make you feel fulfilled.

I cannot guarantee that you will have more success in your dating life or in your professional life

You should not expect to reach an unrealistic weight goal. Sometimes, it’s not worth it. I want you to be sane and healthy. Don’t you?

That you will make more money. You might save more when you’re not feeding bad habits, but I can’t guarantee that you will have passive income by the end of this.

Who is EES for?

I’m going to be honest with you.
The EES is NOT for everyone.

I don’t take serial dieters. What’s that? That’s somebody who jumps from diet to diet, from program to program, looking for the holy grail of diets.

Here are the attributes of someone I want in my program: 

  • Coachable. You have to be able to listen to my advice and take it. If you’re going to challenge everything with “well Dr. Oz said this,” you can leave now.
  • Decisive. You have to be able to commit, and not turn around. Failure to commit is a guarantee that you will go back to your old ways. Burn the boats and don’t look back!
  • Forget everything you know for 60 days. You would probably be better off if you forgot it all forever but at least 60 days. Trust me on this one. I don’t care what Dr. Mercola told you in his latest newsletter. When I say forgot everything I thought I “knew”, that’s when I started to make real changes, and so will you. It’s only when I challenged “conventional wisdom” that I recovered.
  • Be able to tolerate some discomfort. This isn’t basic training, but it does require you to get out of your comfort zone once in a while. I won’t ask you to speak in front of people, go live on YouTube, or jump off a bridge with a bungee cable, but I will ask you to deal with some unpleasant feelings. If you can’t, you can join the 95%.

I will NOT accept anyone or everyone with a credit card. I’ll gladly sacrifice profits to protect my program’s reputation and success rate. If I have any reason to believe you’re not qualified, you’re going to challenge everything I say, not going to do the work, going to complain, or whatever, I will turn you down. Believe me, there are plenty of other quacks and gurus willing to take you, for a fee of course.

This program isn’t for everyone. I have a unique message, a unique take, a unique background, and some of the things I say are controversial and sometimes offensive. That’s me, and I’m not changing for anyone.

I can’t guarantee results. You know what? Nobody else can, either. The only person who can guarantee results is yourself.

However, here is my promise and my guarantee:


Assuming you are qualified, I will:

  • Provide exceptional support for you. Listen, I lived with multiple eating disorders for 10 years of my life. Every second of it sucked. The reason I spent so much money and time creating this program is that I don’t want anyone else to deal with it like I did. It was so unnecessary. It wasted my time. I lost opportunities to spend with friends, but I didn’t because I decided to binge or fast instead.
  • Lead you on a path to permanent recovery. This isn’t a 60-day quick fix. This isn’t the Biggest Loser (who all regained their weight, BTW). Apply these principles forever. My goal is to make this the last diet program you will ever buy. Trust me, if this isn’t it, I don’t know what is. However, I’m pretty sure Dr. Atkins isn’t it.

  • End the food struggle once and for all. If you’ve been struggling with cravings for years, you know how exhausting it is. Every frickin’ day is a struggle. How many calories will I eat today? Will I ever reach my goal? Will today be a good day or a bad day? Will I blow it again? Will I be able to control myself at the party today?

  • That you will never binge, overeat, purge, or lose control again. If you didn’t lose weight, wouldn’t that be a great thing? I’d rather weigh more and eat with control than to be a bulimic lingerie model. Maybe that’s just me. But binging and purging to maintain a low body weight will absolutely make you miserable and unhappy.

  • That you will never need to diet again. Once you realize how destructive dieting is, you will probably never want to do it again. But I designed EES to be the “diet” to end all diets. No celery juice, wheatgrass, or butter coffee with EES.

I cannot guarantee the following:

  • That you will be happy and fulfilled. Some people who “have it all” have nothing. Some of the most miserable and insecure people in the world are those look fantastic on the outside and have nothing on the inside (have you ever been to Hollywood?)
  • That you will make more money. Research shows that fit people are more likely to get promoted and more likely to get hired. Unfair? Yes, but so is biology. You might get that promotion, but no guarantees. Having said that, when you eat with control, you will definitely be more productive and more focused. You know what happens when you’re more focused and productive? You make more. But again, no guarantees.
  • That you will find love. This isn’t the Hallmark Channel and I’m not a dating coach. I know NOTHING about dating. Fit people probably attract better mates and find it easier to attract the opposite sex (or same sex if you’re gay). But again, no guarantees. 

But, but, Kevin,
I still have questions.

Listen, I’m not against reading books about nutrition and eating right. I’ve gotten some of my ideas from those books. But you know what? The more books I read, the worse my problem became. No one book solved my problem. Same for business. I didn’t read a book about business and start a business and know everything I needed to know. I had to hire consultants and buy programs to get where I am now. You get what you pay for.

Not only that, but most diet books are filled with misinformation “carbs make you fat,” “do keto,” “eat this, not that” blah blah blah. Most of the information is contradictory anyway. You could spend your whole life sorting it out. Don’t you have better things to do?

How many diet books do you have on your shelves (or on your e-reader?) I bet it’s more than one.

I ask because you don’t need more information. What you need is a system that will help you eat with total freedom. I cannot emphasize how important it is to have the right system in place.

You can read a book, but what is that going to do for you?

At the depth of my struggle, I had probably spent over 1000 hours (at least, that’s a low-ball estimate) reading about nutrition and eating right. More information wasn’t my answer. If information were the answer, everybody would be in great shape and I wouldn’t be writing this letter to you.

I’m going to offer all this for $400.

Seriously? Yes.

The price will go up in the future if you want this exceptional deal. You need to act fast and get access today. If you leave and come back, this offer could be gone. Poof!

You’re going to avoid a lot of needless pain and frustration for $400.

I can’t believe I’m offering it for this little. I might as well give it away. I might even miss my rent payment and get evicted if I sell it for this little. But I’m going to do it anyway.

I should sell it for $2,000, but I’m not, because I want you to get results and start getting them fast. And I'm a nice guy with some empathy. 

“Whether you think you will succeed or fail, you’re right” - Henry Ford.

If you think you’re going to fail on EES, you’re right. You will. You have to give yourself permission to try and see if it works. If you believe that there is a 1% chance that you will succeed, you should do it. Now, I think you have a much better chance than 1%, but you should do anything and everything in your power to end this.

Life is short and art is long. In other words, if you lived forever, you could learn everything you needed to learn, but the truth is, your life is shorter than you think. The older you get, the faster it goes (at least that’s what they tell me). Why waste it on a struggle to eat right?

Blasphemy! Leave now! I’m kidding. EES is the solution to diet programs. In fact, I’m against all diets. I don’t promote any particular diet, fads, or trends. They all have their merits, but I don’t think they are the answer for most people. I don’t like the tribalism that these diets tend to promote. Diets assume that you are capable of adhering to the diet, which most often is not the case. EES is less about weight loss and more about brain control. When you can control the brain, you can eat any diet you want.

Six modules in 13 weeks, or about 3 months.

Content is delivered through a membership site. You will get access to the content as soon as your payment is accepted. Then I will send you a link to the first live call. You will get new content every 2 weeks. Every month we have 2 live calls.

You will have access as long as you live or as long as I keep my membership site alive. If I decide to move the membership site, I’ll let you know.

It closes when I say so. That means you need to join ASAP.

I keep each module to less than 30 minutes. I just want to cover key concepts that you can apply today. You can listen to it while you drive. Even the busiest professional or business owner can find time for this. I’m not asking you to write a dissertation or a legal review. The real work is done all day every day.

Keep in mind that not everyone needs to lose weight, should lose weight, or wants to lose weight. If you’re looking to lose weight and you have a history of overeating or binging, then you will probably start losing weight as soon as you start applying the concepts.

I can’t guarantee a certain number on the scale. You shouldn’t be chasing that anyway. Once you apply the concepts, the number takes care of itself.

As soon as you want. You can apply the concepts on day 1. Remember, you won’t be perfect from day 1. It takes a few attempts to get it right. Change doesn’t happen overnight.

Bottom line, in my biased opinion, if you have a problem with food and you’re struggling to eat right, then there is no reason to NOT get started

It costs nothing, it will save you money, and it will give you the assurance that you have finally found a solution.

Real People, Real Results



Fun Facts About Kevin...

  1. I was born in Tampa, FL, because my dad was a Marine    
  2. My last name is Basque (not Italian)  but I don't speak one word of Basque 
  3. I write with my left hand and do everything else with my right hand   
  4. I’m half German and half Mexican. I know 2 words in German and speak decent Spanish.   
  5. I majored in geography and then became a physical therapist.    
  6. I don’t like cheese, mayonnaise, cream, or butter, but I’ll do ice cream!

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