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Stop Running

Every day I see people outside and at the gym running when they shouldn't.

How do I know that they shouldn't? Their bodies just aren't adapted for it, and I can tell they don't really enjoy it either. 

If they're not good at running, then why are they doing it?

I suspect it's one of several reasons:

1) they were told it's good for weight loss
2) it's convenient- put on your shoes and away you go
3) they see everyone else doing it.

Sometimes I just want to walk up to these people and say, "stop!" 

People ask me what's the best exercise for weight loss. My answer, "do what you like." If you like it, you're going to do it every day. 

Running is overrated for weight loss as far as I'm concerned. It's not a bad exercise, but you need to lose weight to run, not run to lose weight. It's a change in perspective. You have to have the right body type to do it, and unfortunately, many people don't. It's like me playing basketball at 5' 4". It doesn't work.

Personally, I walked uphill for...

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Keep Experimenting

In a previous e-mail I talked about the role of experimentation in your health.

I think I’ve started doing is keeping a log of all the iterations in my life. What’s working, what’s not working?

I think you can iterate yourself to the pinnacle. Keep trying new things. Keep running new experiments, and keep testing and refining. 

I really think it’s the only way to get to where you want to go. 

One reason I can even help people is that I have run so many experiments that I know what works and what doesn’t.

The difference between the pros and everyone else is not just the number of hours they have practiced something, but how many different experiments they have run. 

Have you heard that 10,000-hour rule? It says that you can only become great after 10,000 hour of practice. There’s something to that rule, but you can’t do the same thing for 10,000 hours and expect to get good.

The great musicians didn’t practice someone...

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Why You Should be Naughty Sometimes

Some call it "cheating", but I call it "being naughty."

If you lived by the rules all the time, you would have no fun. There are too many rules to follow all the time. 

Nutrition is the same. There are very few hard-and-fast rules that all nutrition "experts" can agree on. The one thing they agree on is that they agree on nothing.

Vegan or low-carb?
Sugar or no sugar?
Alcohol or no alcohol?
Cheat days or no?

In my YouTube series this week, I released a series of videos about various behaviors that are "holding you back" as the article says.

If you listened to these rules all the time, you would basically have an eating disorder. 

You would be what I was 10 years ago: constantly living in fear of the next bite of "forbidden food", constantly tracking everything, tweaking my diet without any noticeable effect, analyzing nutrition labels, looking at menus beforehand, saying no to everything that I wanted.

If you listened to personal trainers, dieticians, nutritionists, etc. all the...

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More Bad Diet Advice

I just uploaded part II of my series Dieting Advice You Should Ignore.

(I almost typed in "dating advice." Now that would have been a gaff!)

Some of the questions i answer are:

Should you drink bottled water? 
To eat the egg yolk or not? 
Is frozen better than fresh? 
Should you avoid alcohol?
Should you follow any diet?
Is vegetarianism better than eating meat?
What is processed food anyway?

I'm actually quite surprised that a popular article like this would challenge some of the same BS it's been parroting for years. I always find that funny. One day these magazines are saying one thing and then the next day they're saying, "no don't do that. We were kidding."

Anyway, it's another enjoyable video. Much of your recovery will depend on you discarding 99% of what you've learned. 

Once I realized that most nutrition/diet advice sucks, that's when I started to see improvements. 

Check it out here:

And also...

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Weight Loss Advice You Should Ignore- Part 1


I saw a popular news magazine publish 40 "healthy" eating habits that are stopping you from reaching your goals. I had to click it. 

My first impression was, "40?" That's a lot for one article. Usually it's 10 and it's something stupid like, "you're eating too much sugar" or some other nonsense like that.

This video series will be 4 parts, as I couldn't cram it all into one video. 

Part 1 includes

-Is natural sugar better than added sugar?
-Is it okay to eat with friends?
-Is it okay to have dessert?
-When should you have breakfast/
-Full fat or low fat dairy?
-Is gluten really that scary?
-Are you eating too much fiber?
-Should you snack?
-Is cutting carbs a good idea?
-Is counting calories a waste of time?

What amazes me is how much nonsense there is. Everyone has an opinion but opinions are cheap. What's more important is in-the-trenches experience. For better and for worse, I have plenty of it, and now I'm saving you the time. 

If you've read any of my previous e-mails,...

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How to improve your body image now

One of the main points I made in this week's video about body image is that the key to improving body image is to improve it before you lose weight or modify you're behavior. 

If you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, you should focus on the behavior more than the image itself. It's really important that you do this.

Despite what you see in commercials, reaching some pre-determined weight won't necessarily make you happier. In fact, you'll probably find another imperfection or problems. I can almost guarantee you there isn't a single model or celebrity that is completely satisfied with his or he body.

The author, podcaster, and speaker Steve Olsher said "The destination is the road, and the journey is the destination." 

It took me a while to absorb this, but it means that you should pretend you already have everything that you want. Imagine you already have everything you want and it makes things much more manageable. 

Taking action solves a lot of problems...

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Why I Can't Stand Clean Eating

With the rise of processed food, we've also seen a rise in chronic illness like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. The combination of these factors is what's known as metabolic syndrome. 

We've also seen a rebellion against processed food and a return to "clean eating."

I see entire magazines, YouTube channels, and even Facebook groups devoted to "clean eating." 

The whole idea of "clean" eating is that some foods are "clean" and others are not. There is "pure food" and there is "unpure food." This is an ancient idea. If you study ancient cultures, you realize that they had their own definitions of unclean food and food that could "defile" you in some way. 

Now, if your religion tells you not to eat something, then don't. Your spiritual life is more important than your diet. 

But I wish they would use the word "simple" instead of clean. 

Eating more simple foods is probably better than eating complicated, manufactured foods. 


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You're Going to Like the Way You Look, I Guarantee It

This week's video is about improving your body image, and you can do it without losing a single pound.

You like to think that you have to lose a ton of weight before you like the way you look, or go to Men's Wearhouse. 

This couldn't be further from the truth. The only reason you like the way you look more at the end of your weight loss journey is because you accomplished something, not because you actually look better. I'll prove it.

If you lost weight only because your restricted yourself and purged your food, would you feel any sense of accomplishment? Probably not. Deep down, you know you were harming yourself and you were going to extreme measures to achieve that look. It's like getting rich through the lottery. You know you didn't earn it, and you know you can't repeat it.

Many dieters find this out the hard way. They get to their destination and only find some other imperfection to correct. It's an endless battle to achieve something that they will never have, don't need,...

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It's Not About Health

When I first decided to adopt a restrictive diet, the reason was I wanted to be "healthy." I was doing everything for health. I said this even though my health was in the worst shape ever, I looked terrible, I didn't have enough energy to do anything, and I was going from one doctor's appointment to the next. 

Oh, but I was doing it for health. 

Our ability to rationalize bad behavior is truly remarkable. Have you ever wondered what someone was thinking and you said, "what was he thinking?!" 

When we make these bad decisions, it's not that we're not thinking, it's that we're rationalizing something that makes no sense. 

For me, I was rationalizing something that clearly was harming me. Starving myself and denying myself nutrients made no sense. 

But in my mind, I was thinking, "I'm healthier than everyone. I'm skinny. Therefore I'm healthy."

But looking at old photos of me is gut-wrenching sometimes. All I can is, "what was I thinking?"

What is about health is...

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Binge Eating is a Sport Now

I saw clips of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island, NY. 

Does anyone realize that this is a binge eating contest? 

Personally I think it's disgusting and I can't bear to watch it. Maybe because I've had too many episodes of binge eating myself and I know how painful it is sometimes. 

The winner was Joey Chestnut who was ate 71 hotdogs in 15 minutes or something. 

His chief competitor, Takeru Kobayashi, from Japan, is only 128 pounds but is a competitive eater. He and Chestnut are bitter rivals.

Now, who grows up and wants to be a competitive eater? Not me. Although I acted like one for years!

Kobayashi says his organs start shifting places after eating that much food. You think?

I remember the physical effects post-binge. I remember not being able to lie down with so much crap in my stomach. 

It's one more reason I don't miss it. And I didn't win any awards for it. 

Let's face it. Binge eating, and its less ugly sister called 'overeating', sucks....

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