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Don't Get a Bikini Body

One of the most common reasons I hear for losing weight, getting fit, and making improvements in your health is "I want to look good for the summer"

I get ads for gyms all the time that say stuff like, "ready for summer? or "want that bikini body?" It's the same old, same old, and if I had to guess, none of these ad campaigns do very well, because all of them are pedaling the same crap.

It's a cheap trick to get people to join. Appealing to people's vanity and desire to impress others is an easy way for marketers to get clients into the door.

It's okay to feel the need to impress others. It's part of our DNA. I get it. One of my motivations when I was trying to lose weight was to look good in a Speed or less! Can you imagine seeing a man wearing one of those things in the US? Germany maybe but not here.

But I also wanted to be and feel healthy. I hated seeing people who had perfect health or who radiated health and wellness while I couldn't keep myself from pulling into Sonic and...

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Iterate to Awesome

I bought a business course last year on how to make an amazing product. It remains to be seen how well I can implement that knowledge.

One of the things that I learned was, "iterate to awesome." In other words, make little choices every day and eventually you will be amazing. If you do that in your health, your life, and your business, a lot of small changes over a long time can transform you.

One of my favorite books was Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. In that book, he talks about the impact small changes can have over time. When I heard "iterate to awesome," I said exactly.

You might be wondering why I'm sending a similar e-mail to the one yesterday. It's because I'm obsessed with optimization, perfection (in a good way- how can I make things better and better), small tweaks, and small iterations. Maybe it's because I'm testing ads and ads require a lot of testing. So much for the idea that food marketers can sell us anything they want. Making people do what you want (buy...

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Why I Will Never Eat Again

A few weeks ago I made a parody video about weight loss methods that "work" but only work in theory, like drinking tons of diet soda, doing tons of exercise, taking diet pills, and most importantly...

Never eating again.

I remember after every binge I would tell myself, "I will never eat again." That felt comforting in the moment as I recovered from a 6,000 calorie (or more) binge. Well, at least I will never eat again.

It sounds so logical in the moment. Don't eat, lose weight. But when you haven't eaten in one or two days, then things start to get a little hard, like low blood sugar, lack of energy, no sex drive, no vigor. At least the scale is going down.

I used to think that certain foods were my enemy, but my only enemy was myself. I could only blame myself. Ice cream and chocolate chip cookies couldn't make me eat. Nothing ever could. No thought or impulse ever did.

The only thing that made me overeat was myself. I chose to get rid of those thoughts and cravings my caving in and...

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Be a Mad Scientist

When I bought my first business program from Tai Lopez a few years ago, one of the things he said was "be a mad scientist."

I didn't know what that meant at the time. Now, as I test different ads and different messages, I know exactly what that means. Most marketing will fail and you have to keep testing and testing.

Just today, I was listening to a YouTube video (always spying on the competition) and one thing that resonated with me was, "experiment and fail a lot."

The thing is, most experiments will fail. If you try 500 experiments, 450 or 475 will fail. Expect a 90-95% failure rate.

But Mark Cuban, the billionaire businessman, likes to say, "in business, you only have to be right one time."

He's right. That one hit can save the day. The minivan saved Chrysler. GM convinced the government to give it $50 billion in 2009. Larry Ellison of Oracle convinced the government that he could write code better than anyway. Edison had to try 1000 times to make the light bulb work.

One hit. That's...

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Quit Listening to Dilettantes

One of the most obnoxious things about being in the health and fitness space is that EVERYBODY has an opinion on what constitutes an ideal diet. Everyone thinks he has the answer. Everyone is telling you what's healthy and what's not healthy. "Well I heard that..." What the means is that they something on Google or Dr. Oz or in some magazine. That's not a very strategic way of getting information.

A dilettante is a French word that refers to someone who knows just enough to be dangerous, someone who "heard something" or read one article or book and now knows everything.

Don't be a dilettante. Hold your opinion for those subject matters you know really matter. Otherwise, don't offer advice to others. You might be giving really bad information. I've given some really bad advice in the past. I remember when I was a personal trainer and giving some really stupid advice.

Opinions are cheap. Everyone is offering opinions. One resolution that I made recently was to stop giving opinions about...

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Why Most Nutrition Research is Fale

Almost every week there is a news story about "latest study finds that [insert food] leads to [scary medical condition]. Details at 10."

Of course, the media almost never explain these articles well. They show stock footage of various overweight people walking in the street (have you ever wondered who gets paid to do that?). They give you the results of the study in 10 or 20 seconds without going into any detail or explaining the results. You could do an entire podcast on one study.

But even if they did explain the results of the study correctly, the study wouldn't say much.

That's one of the lessons of Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz. I have some objections about her conclusions, but one of the good things she talks about is how these studies are horribly flawed, and why it's so hard to get quality data on what people are eating.

There is a physician who runs a web-site and he discusses various nutrition articles. He must understand the deficiencies of these articles. He's...

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Buying Lotto Tickets

I wanted the receipt after I put gas in my car but the printer wouldn't print it. I mean, that printer has one job, or whoever has to reload the paper has one job.

To get the receipt, I had to wait 2 long minutes. Why did it take so long to get a receipt?

Because the people in front of me were buying lotto tickets. And they couldn't decide which ones to buy. It was like buying fireworks at a firework stand in June. So many options, so hard to choose. The problem is, 99.9% of those tickets (maybe 100%) were going to be worthless.

It's shocking how much money we spend on lotto tickets. The prizes are now in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Clearly, somebody's playing the lottery. I once heard Tony Robbins say that the average household spends $1000/year on lottery tickets. I can't verify that but I wouldn't be surprised.

The lottery ticket approach to life is not a good one. Rolling the dice, scratching tickets, and gambling might be fun, but they're not reliable ways of making money,...

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The Battle of Your Life

I've watched a lot of videos and read a lot of books on what makes successful people successful. Here's a short list:

-Creativity; curiosity; ingenuity; commitment; persistence; mindset; belief that they will succeed; intelligence; their network; their area of expertise; hard work; the school they went to; the year they were born in; timing; courage.

All of these are important, but I think what separates all of them from everyone is one thing:

Ability to delay gratification.

I was reading Mark Cuban's book. Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and he's one of the investors on the hit show Shark Tank. He shares this anecdote:

I vividly remember being told how lucky I was to have expertise in [technology and PC's]. No one wanted to comment on how lucky I was to spend countless hours reading software or Cisco manuals or sitting in my house reading and comparing new technologies.

In other words, he did a bunch of stuff that wasn't fun so that he live an extraordinary life...

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Conquering Biology

One of the great debates in public health these days is what to do, if anything, about obesity and overeating. Is it a public health issue? Is there anything we can do about it? Will it resolve itself?

It's one of the great debates I have with myself. How much control do I really have over my thoughts and actions? What are the limits of my self-control? I remember that man in Utah who cut off his arm to escape a rock that had fallen onto him. I also remember the great survival story of Joe Simpson on the middle of a mountain in Peru.

The bad news is that willpower and self-control are finite. If you're uncomfortable enough, you will move. If you put your hand on a hot stove, you will move. If you leave your car in the sun, you will turn on your a/c. If you put a bowl of chocolates in front of you all day at work, you will eat them. If you do a challenging task and then sit next a bowl of candy, you will eat the candy (they've done studies on this, BTW).

Last year I went to a Korean...

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A patient story tells me a lot about human behavior:

I have a patient named Steve. He was driving with his wife on the Interstate. He was driving a 2005 pick-up. He fell asleep for a few seconds. His wife yelled his name. When he woke up, he overcorrected, swerved, missed the semitruck next to him, and flipped the truck six times before it settled on the side of the road. He and his wife survived. No head trauma. No long-term physical damage. Amazing.

His mistake? Falling asleep at the wheel was one. It's hard to prevent that sometimes. But it was that he overcorrected.

I'm not sure, what humans have this tendency to overcorrect problems when all they need to do is make small tweaks. Let me give you an example:

If you realize that you're not fit and you weight a little more than you want, is the solution to drastically overhaul your diet in one day? Probably not, yet this seems to be a common "solution."

What if you just stopped eating past 7pm when you're most prone to overeating,...

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