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Your metabolism is just fine

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2019

I had a conversation with somebody I know while on vacation last week. She complained about having a "slow metabolism."

If I've ever heard an excuse to not lose weight, fix bad eating habits, and get into shape, this is it! I've heard this one so many times. 

The fact is, she doesn't know what her metabolic rate is. She's never had it tested. It's just accepting what is. 

Now, she doesn't really need to lose weight. She probably drinks too many beers, but that's a tradeoff she's willing to make. We all make tradeoffs. Every time you have dessert or walk into the sun you're making a tradeoff. The fact is, nobody makes health their number 1 priority all the time. I'm sure Jack LeLane cheated a few times.

Not too long ago, there was talk that obese people had slower metabolisms and that they didn't eat more than leaner people. They had some "metabolic disorder." 

The problem is, this was based on self-reported intakes. What do we know about people? They always underestimate how much they consume (optimism bias). When they used double-labeled water (can't fudge the numbers with that), obese people were eating more and burning more than lean people. It means obese people were obese because they ate more. Who would have thought?

Even if you're not obese, this is relevant. It means your metabolism is doing just fine.

I keep hearing stuff about "starvation mode" and "metabolic disorders." Unless your a sloth or a koala bear, you metabolism isn't the problem. 

After 10 years of binge eating, starving, restricting, overexercising, and purging, I did a test. 

I calculated as best as I could my caloric intake for a week. I measured my body weight (12 hours fasting) on day 1, and then measured again on day 8. I added the difference in body weight and added it to my estimate. I calculated that I was burning 3,100 calories a day. And that's with just one hour at the gym!

Even after all that, I still hadn't trashed my metabolism. If 10 years of binging, starving, and purging don't break it, what will?

Your metabolism is fine. Your eating habits? Those need some work.

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