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You're Going to Like the Way You Look, I Guarantee It

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2019

This week's video is about improving your body image, and you can do it without losing a single pound.

You like to think that you have to lose a ton of weight before you like the way you look, or go to Men's Wearhouse. 

This couldn't be further from the truth. The only reason you like the way you look more at the end of your weight loss journey is because you accomplished something, not because you actually look better. I'll prove it.

If you lost weight only because your restricted yourself and purged your food, would you feel any sense of accomplishment? Probably not. Deep down, you know you were harming yourself and you were going to extreme measures to achieve that look. It's like getting rich through the lottery. You know you didn't earn it, and you know you can't repeat it.

Many dieters find this out the hard way. They get to their destination and only find some other imperfection to correct. It's an endless battle to achieve something that they will never have, don't need, and will never make them happy.

It's amazing how we chase things that will never make us happy in the long run, and actually make us miserable.

What will actually improve your body image is the action you take to get there. Action resolves a lot of stress and anxiety.

Knowing you're on the right path is one way to improve your image. Maybe you don't like the extra sheath of fat on your stomach or your thighs. Fine. But if you took action today and knew you were on the right path, you would instantly feel better. 

You can do that here:



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