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Why You Should Avoid Maximum Weight Loss

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2019

One thing that always amuses me is the "health" magazines at grocery stores, with pictures of fabulous women promising "maximum weight loss" on the front cover.

One of the worst tendencies of humans is to seek maximum advantage with the least amount of energy expended.

This goes back to the hunter-gatherer days I suspect, when energy was scarce, humans were hungry more often than not, and it was hard to obtain a sufficient number of calories from the environment. Hence the need to store body fat efficiently and our reluctance to give up that hard-earned energy.

We're still hunter-gatherers in many ways, and if you're wondering why making changes is so hard, then blame your great grandparents x1000. They were the ones who gave this lazy gene and this predilection for laziness and shortcuts.

These magazines know that, and they want you to buy their solutions to quick weight loss or rapid weight loss.

My question is always, "why?"

I can guarantee you that you will not necessarily be healthier or happier if you lose a ton of weight in 3 months. You will get to your destination with new problems, like how the hell do you maintain that weight? But you will also have other problems in your life that you haven't given much attention to. You will not be nearly as excited or thrilled when you reach that goal as you think.

I found that progress always made me happier. As long as I was moving towards my goal, then I felt better about myself. It was my behavior that made me feel good, not the number on the scale. There was a time in my life when I was at an ideal weight and I didn't feel good about myself because I knew what I was doing to achieve that.

It's like getting rich through sales or getting rich through the lottery. Magazines sell lottery tickets. Good behavior is like getting rich through your own effort. You will feel much more proud and confident about yourself the second way.

My advice? Lose weight at a slower rate, a rate that doesn't seem like effort at all, that doesn't require significant changes to your lifestyle, that doesn't require you to restrict or say 'I can't' or 'no' all the time, that doesn't require tons of self-control all day, that doesn't even feel like a diet. That's my approach, and it's way easier, healthier, and saner in the long run.

If you want to learn about this approach, and I highly recommend that you do, then book your free strategy call with me:



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