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Why Men and Women Do Different Exercises

Uncategorized Jul 08, 2019

I enjoy people-watching wherever I go. Maybe I'm getting older or maybe because I'm paid to assess a person's movement and behavior. Or maybe I'm just curious.

One good way to do that is at the gym. I've been going to gyms since the end of 2007 and one thing I've noticed is that men and women do different exercises. 

A female favorite is the glute thrust: head on a bench, feet on floor, bar over the pelvis, and then she thrusts her hips. I almost never see a male doing it, even though it's a fabulous exercise for the hip extensors. The set-up is a little pain in the ass (pun intended), but once you're there, it will turn your butt into steel. 

Then I see men doing bench presses and military presses to get stronger shoulders and a nice chest. 

A rule of thumb is this: men train the anterior (front), and women the posterior (back).

Does this mean men need strong shoulders and women only need a strong butt?

Not at all. In just means that men and women are conditioned to train different parts of the body to be more attractive. 

In a world without vanity, men and women would do the same exercises: squats, lunges, deadlifts, shoulder presses, and all the different variations of those. 

But the gym is where we go not to get fitter, but to look better. 

And that's fine, but be honest yourself when you really workout. What's your true motivation?

My advice? Do things because they make you stronger and fitter. The looks will take care of themselves. 


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