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Why I Will Never Eat Again

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2019

A few weeks ago I made a parody video about weight loss methods that "work" but only work in theory, like drinking tons of diet soda, doing tons of exercise, taking diet pills, and most importantly...

Never eating again.

I remember after every binge I would tell myself, "I will never eat again." That felt comforting in the moment as I recovered from a 6,000 calorie (or more) binge. Well, at least I will never eat again.

It sounds so logical in the moment. Don't eat, lose weight. But when you haven't eaten in one or two days, then things start to get a little hard, like low blood sugar, lack of energy, no sex drive, no vigor. At least the scale is going down.

I used to think that certain foods were my enemy, but my only enemy was myself. I could only blame myself. Ice cream and chocolate chip cookies couldn't make me eat. Nothing ever could. No thought or impulse ever did.

The only thing that made me overeat was myself. I chose to get rid of those thoughts and cravings my caving in and listening to those thoughts and feelings.

Yes, you could not eat until you reached your goal. I remember hearing about some guy in Scotland who went 388 days (some random number) and lost an incredible amount of weight.

The only way I could do that would be to lock me in a room and tell me I couldn't leave.

It's not worth it. Changing habits, losing weight, improving your health all require commitment and perseverance. It doesn't require a ton of willpower, but you have to show up every day.

The health and fitness industry is filled with scams and false claims. They tap into the natural human instinct to get quick results. I won't do that. You will never see me make weight loss claims or say that you will lose x pounds in x days. I don't tolerate that and neither do you.

If you're sick of false claims, you're frustrated, or you don't want to lose weight the hard way, then join me on your free strategy call:



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