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Why I Ditched Meal Plans

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2019

I can't tell you how many times I made these elaborate meal plans only to follow them for two or three days at best.

I realized that meal plans are meant to be broken and that I needed something else.

What I needed was principles that guided me in all situations. Let's fact it, a meal plan is only as good as your ability to follow it. If you can't follow it, then what good is it?

Self-control was everything. Once I had self-control, I could follow any meal plan I wanted: vegan, low sugar, whatever. Without self-control, all those plans were worthless.

This is why I advice against meal plans. I like principles that you can apply anywhere. What do you eat at an airport, conference center, a party, a bad restaurant, in the car, on the go? A meal plan is worthless in those cases because all these meal plans assume you always have access to modern conveniences.

I laugh when I see meal plans where every meal is this beautifully prepared meal with vegetables, protein, and starch. Yeah, that's great, but I don't live in my kitchen either.

I've also heard other coaches/consultants/experts say that you need to prepare and pack every single meal.

As great as that sounds, I remember how exhausting that was when I followed that advice. It was a constant effort to prepare all my meals, pack everything, and then clean all the plastic at night, and then repeat the process again.

It's much easier to pack some finger food, like trail mix, M&M's, energy bars, a banana, and a box of crackers.

Keep it simple even it's not the most awesome, healthiest diet you can think of. Yes, I'm giving you permission to sacrifice nutrition for convenience. In fact, you're not sacrificing that much nutrition but you're making your life a lot more sane.

Ditch the meal plan. Follow some principles.

If you can't follow basic principles or a meal plan, then book your free strategy call here:



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