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Why I Can't Stand Clean Eating

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2019

With the rise of processed food, we've also seen a rise in chronic illness like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. The combination of these factors is what's known as metabolic syndrome. 

We've also seen a rebellion against processed food and a return to "clean eating."

I see entire magazines, YouTube channels, and even Facebook groups devoted to "clean eating." 

The whole idea of "clean" eating is that some foods are "clean" and others are not. There is "pure food" and there is "unpure food." This is an ancient idea. If you study ancient cultures, you realize that they had their own definitions of unclean food and food that could "defile" you in some way. 

Now, if your religion tells you not to eat something, then don't. Your spiritual life is more important than your diet. 

But I wish they would use the word "simple" instead of clean. 

Eating more simple foods is probably better than eating complicated, manufactured foods. 

But the idea of clean eating goes too far, as most things do. I've seen YouTube diets where these YouTubers tell people to only eat specific foods and to never deviate from that. These people basically have eating disorders. In many ways, "eating clean" is really a proxy for an eating disorder, or at least orthoexia.

When I was super skinny (and super unhealthy), I had a long list of "forbidden" or "dirty" foods. The list never made me healthier, only more neurotic and less healthy.

Eating potato chips and donuts probably isn't the best choice, but please don't think you are "defiled" or "dirty" by eating them. 

It's just food, ladies and gentlemen. 

If you're dealing with "clean" eating and feel guilty eating "unclean foods", then I recommend you talk with me:



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