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Why Diet Optimization is Silly

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

Once in a while, I'll see programs that talk about "custom-tailored" nutrition programs or diet plans "based on your DNA" or diet plans to "match your blood type."

There's also a web-site with daily videos and articles that talks about the latest study that asks questions like, "which is the healthiest type of berry?" or "which fruit has the most antioxidants?" (PM me for the exact web-site).

Personally I think a lot of this is BS.

You can only optimize your diet so much. Once you follow basic principles of good nutrition like: 1) eating only when you're hungry; 2) eating a variety of foods from all good groups; 3) limiting processed foods, everything else is almost a detail, and it doesn't matter too much what your macros are, or which kind of raisin or berry you eat.

The problem with diet optimization is that there is no way to know exactly if your diet is optimized. Only when you reach the age of 90 without cancer will you know for sure that your diet was optimized. Even then, how do you really know for sure?

Another problem is that even if your diet were perfect, there are so many other components of health like laughing, breathing, sleeping, having sex, digestive health, toxin exposure, etc. that have nothing to do with your diet.

One of my biggest regrets of my 20's is that I spent too much time focusing on one detail of my life and ignored so many other parts.

For years, I tried ways of optimizing my diet. I kept tinkering small details of my diet and I spent hours (yes, hours) playing with a macronutrient calculator to get the perfect ratio of carbs and protein.

Of course, this never made a damn difference in my health but I did it anyway because I wanted more control over my life and my health.

Quit optimizing your diet and just follow a few basic principles. Everything else is a detail.

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