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Why Adding Butter to Your Coffee is a Bad Idea

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

When Dave Asprey released Bulletproof Diet in 2014, one of this "best" ideas was to stick butter in coffee and drink it.

For whatever reason, this was a massive hit, and this is very popular trend in the fitness and entrepreneur space. Everyone is looking for the holy grail of fat loss.

I predict no one will be doing this in five years and we will remember the days when people dunked a stick of butter into their cup of coffee and thought they were making themselves healthy.

In research there is a term called 'Face Validity.' Does something make sense at first glance, or prima facie? If not, then it probably isn't true even if the numbers show that there is some effect.

Why would sticking a bar of fat into grounded coffee beans have any effect on health? My guess is that it doesn't.

This is my problem with 'biohacking.' The whole idea of biohacking is that there are hidden tricks waiting to be revealed that will extend our life expectancy and boost our productivity.

I call BS.

Lowering your bed 2-3 inches from it's typical height isn't going to radically alter the way you sleep. Believe me, having slept on a bed without a boxspring, I can say that this does not work.

There are some hacks that improve health, happiness, and productivity. Limiting blue light exposure at night, turning off the news, watching something funny, writing a thank you note, eliminating soda intake, etc. can make you happier and healthier. But do we really need "biohacking" to be healthier and live longer? Why don't we focus on the big things like limiting processed food and getting 7 hours of sleep before we start drinking butter coffee?

I think the appeal of "biohacking" is the idea that you're only one hack away from success. I see it in the business and fitness space all the time. All you need is [x] when in fact you need the whole package.

One thing you need to get right is control over what you eat. Without control, you won't be healthy or fit, and all those "hacks" won't be worth a damn.

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