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What I Learned Watching Late-Night Infomercials

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2019

In the title of this e-mail, I said "late-night" but I could easily say "early-morning." It's the same stuff.

I had the pleasure of watching one of these informericals for some health product. I won't say what it was, but it was interesting to note all the cognitive biases:

- Client testimonials

- A good-looking presenter

- A fake audience that nodded when instructed

- Showing before and after results

- Limited-time offers and a timer to make you buy

It's amazing how many biases I see now that I didn't see just a few years ago.

My big theme, if you haven't noticed, is self-awareness. I'm a big fan of it.

Once you realize these biases and these tricks, they're a lot less persuasive than they were before.

I remember how easily persuaded I was when I bought an e-book (remember those) back in 2004 that showed me how to get in the best shape of my life. I remember how it was able to whet my appetite and make me want to buy.

Now that I've entered the digital marketing space, I can see these biases everywhere.

I was at a gym not too long ago and the sales rep was giving me a tour of the facility. He asked me, "can you see yourself working out here?"

"Yes I can," I replied.

Now, I've been a gym sales rep (a horrible one, BTW), but I know how gym sales work. I have a perspective that most others don't. And this is one of the most common tactics used in gym sales. They want you to see yourself working out here.

I joined the gym, but not because he asked me these questions, but because there was no other good option.

The point is, once you understand and identify cues that make you perform a repetitive behavior, like overeating, they have a lot less influence on you than they did before.

If you're struggling with repetitive behavior, cues, conditioned responses, or you feel like you lack control, then click here:


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