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The #1 Cause of Obesity and Diabetes

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2019

I'm making some YouTube videos about obesity and what causes it. The million-dollar (or billion dollar if your a pharmaceutical company) is this: why do some people get obese and others don't?

The superficial answer is that obese people eat too much and exercise too little.

Obviously. But go deeper, what compels them to do that?

People like Robert Lustig at UCSF would say it's the fructose found in sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB's). That's why there are calls to regular these beverages with a combination of age restrictions, advertising restrictions, school bans, and taxes.

I'm not sure any of those would work, but let's save public policy for another day.

Then there are people like Gary Taubes who say that we should eat no carbs so that we don't release any insulin. It's insulin that's making us fat.

Then there's people like Stephen Guyenet who says that it's access to cheap, tasty food that makes us eat more. I find this hypothesis the most plausible.

I'll say this: the texture, taste, and composition of modern food releases certain chemicals in the head that cause people to behave in a particular way.

Then why do some people get obese and others don't? After all, I get a rush of dopamine when I smell donuts or pastries! So why am I not obese? And why don't I binge anymore?

The difference is in the 3 millimeters of gray stuff (cortex) sprayed onto your brain, like a coat of paint on your car. Without that gray stuff, you would have no chance.

Sometimes it seems like you have no chance sometimes. I certainly felt that way.

But I truly believe that 3 millimeters can be trained to combat any impulse that comes from the more primitive structures of the brain. Obese people have a harder time doing this, but as some formerly obese people can attest, it can be done.

Some are more susceptible to the reward of food than others. I think this is the key difference. Some people forget to eat. Some people can't get their minds off food. For people who can't stop thinking about it, brain training is the only answer.

It's way cheaper than bariatric surgery.

Getting a little too much reward from food? Too many cravings? Dreaming about donuts and bread all day? Click here:



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