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Stop Running

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2019

Every day I see people outside and at the gym running when they shouldn't.

How do I know that they shouldn't? Their bodies just aren't adapted for it, and I can tell they don't really enjoy it either. 

If they're not good at running, then why are they doing it?

I suspect it's one of several reasons:

1) they were told it's good for weight loss
2) it's convenient- put on your shoes and away you go
3) they see everyone else doing it.

Sometimes I just want to walk up to these people and say, "stop!" 

People ask me what's the best exercise for weight loss. My answer, "do what you like." If you like it, you're going to do it every day. 

Running is overrated for weight loss as far as I'm concerned. It's not a bad exercise, but you need to lose weight to run, not run to lose weight. It's a change in perspective. You have to have the right body type to do it, and unfortunately, many people don't. It's like me playing basketball at 5' 4". It doesn't work.

Personally, I walked uphill for 45-60 minutes each day and I got pretty good results when I recovered from my ED and lost the weight. Of course, I combined this with resistance training every day.

You don't need to do any "muscle confusion" or "insanity" type work outs. It's really unnecessary. 

Don't kill yourself on your weight loss or recovery journey. The biggest mistake I see is making it too complicated. My advice, "stop!"

See you on the treadmill.

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