Quit weighing yourself

food health weigh Nov 03, 2018

I’ve noticed that everyone is weighing themselves all the time. I go into FB groups and see people posting pictures of the scale, announcing their weight loss goals, and their progress.

That’s fine and I like objective measurements too. I’m a physical therapist and part of a good evaluation is obtaining data to figure our what is wrong with the patient.

But can I make one suggestion?

Put the scale away. Not forever, but for now.

But then you say, “but, Kevin, how am I going to know if I’m losing weight? How will I track my progress? How will I hold myself accountable? What will I post in the group?

Guys, listen. For most of you, the scale is a tyrant. It determines your mood and your happiness for the day. If the number is good, you are happy. If it’s not, then you’re not happy.

I played this game for years. I remember after a “good day” I would get giddy and be filled with excitement in anticipation of the number.

I remember how I excited I was to see a good number, and how deflated I was to see a bad number.

But before I stopped binging/fasting/purging, I decided to stop playing this stupid game. And you know what happened? I didn’t gain weight, I actually lost weight faster. I restored my sanity. I felt healthier. My clothes started to fit better.

So here’s my challenge, guys. Put your scale in the closet for at least 30 days. Eat, live, move and be happy for 30 days. If you absolutely need to see a number after 30 days, you can do that.

Remember, you DON’T need the scale to eat right, be healthy, look great, feel great, and lose weight. It’s a lie.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about other ways to measure your progress.

Until next time,

Kevin Burciaga


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