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Quit Listening to Dilettantes

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2019

One of the most obnoxious things about being in the health and fitness space is that EVERYBODY has an opinion on what constitutes an ideal diet. Everyone thinks he has the answer. Everyone is telling you what's healthy and what's not healthy. "Well I heard that..." What the means is that they something on Google or Dr. Oz or in some magazine. That's not a very strategic way of getting information.

A dilettante is a French word that refers to someone who knows just enough to be dangerous, someone who "heard something" or read one article or book and now knows everything.

Don't be a dilettante. Hold your opinion for those subject matters you know really matter. Otherwise, don't offer advice to others. You might be giving really bad information. I've given some really bad advice in the past. I remember when I was a personal trainer and giving some really stupid advice.

Opinions are cheap. Everyone is offering opinions. One resolution that I made recently was to stop giving opinions about things I don't know much about. It's been a great change. I'm probably wrong, I probably don't have enough information, and I will probably change my mind later.

Now, having been in the trenches, read a lot, experimented with a lot, and tried and failed so many times, I can give good diet and fitness advice to people. Is it the best, the most cutting edge, the most up-to-date? No, but it relies on a few core principles, principles that will outlast the latest fad in this industry.

If you want your health to be based on a few core principles, then click here:



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