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My Patient's Nasty Looking Hip

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2019

I have a patient who just had a hip replacement. She's almost 70-years-old and still has purple streaks in her hair. Nice, but kind of weird. She lives in a two-story home with her husband and has 12 stairs to go up and down.

I had to remove her dressing for her and take a look at her incision. It looked a little gnarly, but there was no sign of infection or complication.

She said her goal was to go to the beach and wear a swimsuit- she didn't specify the type, but enough to expose the incision on the side of her butt.

She was more concerned about the way others would see her skin looked than she was concerned about a possible infection. It goes to show you how powerful vanity is!

When you have a hip surgery or replacement, keeping infection at bay, making sure the incision closes, preventing pain, and preventing pneumonia are far larger concerns than the way the incision looks. Hell, keeping your bowels regular is a much bigger concern.

I predict the incision will heal normally and she won't have any problems. She's already walking with a cane. I'm proud of her.

Keep things in perspective. How your skin looks or how you look is not unimportant (Self-esteem, need to integrate, need for acceptance, etc.) but it shouldn't be more important than, say, getting an infection. Keep things in perspective.


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