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More Bad Diet Advice

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2019

I just uploaded part II of my series Dieting Advice You Should Ignore.

(I almost typed in "dating advice." Now that would have been a gaff!)

Some of the questions i answer are:

Should you drink bottled water? 
To eat the egg yolk or not? 
Is frozen better than fresh? 
Should you avoid alcohol?
Should you follow any diet?
Is vegetarianism better than eating meat?
What is processed food anyway?

I'm actually quite surprised that a popular article like this would challenge some of the same BS it's been parroting for years. I always find that funny. One day these magazines are saying one thing and then the next day they're saying, "no don't do that. We were kidding."

Anyway, it's another enjoyable video. Much of your recovery will depend on you discarding 99% of what you've learned. 

Once I realized that most nutrition/diet advice sucks, that's when I started to see improvements. 

Check it out here:

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