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Kill Joys and the Cereal Wars

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2019

Across the developed world, there are calls to place limits on sugar, salt, and calories in processed food. 

I mean, they're going to ban Tony the Tiger and the Froot Loops toucan!

Remember when you were a kid and you ate all the cereal you wanted on Saturday mornings? 

My personal favorite was Cinnamon Toast Crunch with the big chef on the front. 

These public health measures probably will not help much, if any. 

People buy plenty of crap without cartoon characters, and they're not going to switch to bran flakes now that there's no tiger on their cereal box. 

But it does highlight how much a problem overeating has become, and how desperate, and impotent, policymakers are to do something about it. 

I commend them for trying, but there really is only one way to stop this:

reprogramming brains, and that's exactly what you can do here:

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