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Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2019

I heard a great businessman say one time (maybe Sam Walton, I don't know) that you need to keep the "finger on the pulse."

What he means is that you need to check the numbers all the time. How much money is coming in and leaving? What is our profit and loss? What is our inventory? How are our ads performing?

One thing I do as a physical therapist is take vital signs at each visit. Now, I've argued that this is excessive, espescially for patient's without a history of respiratory or cardiac problems. But we are required to measure blood pressure, respiration, O2sat, pulse, and temperature.

You should do the same with your body. Unfortunately, despite all the advances with technology, we still have the same tools we had 30-40 years to track our body: a bodyweight scale (now they're digital which eliminates user error), thermometers (we have forehead scanners now), a pulse oximeter ($30 at a drugstore), measuring tape to measure our bodies, and not much else.

For a few years we all though Theranos would change blood tests forever. But then we realized that Theranos was a house of cards. Oh well, we're stuck with traditional blood tests.

As for measuring your weight, I recommend you do it at least once a week.You can do it every day if it's conveneint, but don't let it affect your mood. If it affects you mood, then don't do it, but I say once a week is the minimum. Go 12 hours without food, stand in your underwear, and stand on the scale at the same time every day.

Keep your finger on the pulse.

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