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Iterate to Awesome

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2019

I bought a business course last year on how to make an amazing product. It remains to be seen how well I can implement that knowledge.

One of the things that I learned was, "iterate to awesome." In other words, make little choices every day and eventually you will be amazing. If you do that in your health, your life, and your business, a lot of small changes over a long time can transform you.

One of my favorite books was Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. In that book, he talks about the impact small changes can have over time. When I heard "iterate to awesome," I said exactly.

You might be wondering why I'm sending a similar e-mail to the one yesterday. It's because I'm obsessed with optimization, perfection (in a good way- how can I make things better and better), small tweaks, and small iterations. Maybe it's because I'm testing ads and ads require a lot of testing. So much for the idea that food marketers can sell us anything they want. Making people do what you want (buy your stuff) is way harder than it seems.

If you're trying to lose weight, instead of completely overhauling your diet in one day, why don't you make one change in your diet and then see how it goes? No, you won't lose 10 pounds by that wedding next week, but who cares? What you want is lasting and permanent change. I like the idea of "nudging" people in the right direction. Just change the direction a little bit and over time that's a big difference (in Compound Effect, Hardy cites an example of a bullet that changes 1 degree and over time the difference is several miles).

When I was trying to change my habits, I remember trying to change everything overnight. It never worked. I lasted 2-3 days and then I caved in. When I started to make one change at a time, that's when real change happened.

If you read this e-mail, respond to me personally and I'll send you a free copy (paperback) straight to your door. There's one catch, however. You must book a strategy call with me:



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