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How to improve your body image now

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2019

One of the main points I made in this week's video about body image is that the key to improving body image is to improve it before you lose weight or modify you're behavior. 

If you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, you should focus on the behavior more than the image itself. It's really important that you do this.

Despite what you see in commercials, reaching some pre-determined weight won't necessarily make you happier. In fact, you'll probably find another imperfection or problems. I can almost guarantee you there isn't a single model or celebrity that is completely satisfied with his or he body.

The author, podcaster, and speaker Steve Olsher said "The destination is the road, and the journey is the destination." 

It took me a while to absorb this, but it means that you should pretend you already have everything that you want. Imagine you already have everything you want and it makes things much more manageable. 

Taking action solves a lot of problems and relieves a lot of anxiety. You'll feel much better about yourself and instantly look better when you start making better decisions and you know you're on the right path.

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