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How to Get Fat By Eating Salad

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2019

A few years ago McDonald's started offering salads in plastic containers to make it look like their fare was healthier and to please activists who demanded that fast food restaurants become healthier.

That's like asking liquor stores to be healthier and to sell more "low-calorie" beverages.

McDonald's started offering salads and guess what happened? Sales of Big Macs actually increased.

This puzzled McDonald's and researchers. What they found was that ordering the salad made people feel good about themselves, and then they ordered something that was the least healthy option.

This is why I think it's funny when I see people with a pile of fast food or a giant burger with a Diet Coke. Hell, why not just go all out if you want to eat like that?

This is what's called the Halo Effect. When we do one good thing, we do one bad thing. We give to charity, and then we run a red light. We help someone in need, and then we're unfaithful with our spouses.

Be careful that you're not doing one wrong thing for every good thing you do. When you act altruistically or you make a "healthy choice", be extra diligent about what you do next.

I remember when I lost weight for the 8th time, if the scale gave me a number I liked, I did something to sabotage the progress that I made. It sounds counter-intuitive. Why didn't I just keep going?

I was so proud of my accomplishment that I felt like I had already achieved the goal. I forgot why I was doing what I was doing, and I forgot that I had so much more progress to make.

I was my worst enemy in many ways. I was giving myself license to sabotage my goals. I forgot what gave me that good result and I did the opposite. Then I spent the next few days or weeks reversing the damage.

If you find yourself falling for this trap but you're not sure how to break the cycle, then you need to book a strategy call with me. There's a way to break it, but it's not always easy:



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