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Hilarious Claims from Food Marketers

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2019

A part of me wishes I were a food marketer instead of a marketer for health and fitness. Here's why.

As a food marketer, you are paid to come up with the most outrageous claims possible for your products (within legal limits of course) despite the fact that your product is probably the worst option for your consumers.

It's almost naughty in way. You can take a box of cereal like Krave or Cocoa Puffs and put a heart on it that says, "diets high in whole grains can prevent heart attacks." Welcome to America, folks.

Now this upsets nutrition and health gurus and public health advocates like nothing else. How dare General Mills make health claims on Lucky Charms?

With the sense of humor that I have, I actually think it's hilarious, and the more ridiculous it is, the better.

I'm always scanning supermarket aisles for the latest, most outrageous claims I can find. I remember seeing some Hostess pie that made that claim that it had no cholesterol. Duh. With no butter and tons of hydrogenated oils, you bet it had no cholesterol.

Personally, I think the laws should be liberal about this stuff (liberal= lenient). If people want to believe silly claims like this, that's your right.

You can pass laws against this, but I think the best answer is self-awareness (that's my theme).

And there's no better way to build self-awareness than here:



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