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Give me a break, give me a break...

Uncategorized Jul 06, 2019

How do you finish the sentence above?

If you said Kit-Kat bar, you are correct!

But you don't win a Kit-Kat bar, sorry.

Recently, the UK banned the sale of candy bars at the checkout line. 

Seems reasonable, but how less likely are you to not buy candy because you don't see it at the checkout line?

My urges to binge were way more powerful than a promotion at a supermarket checkout line. 

When my brain was operating normally, no ad could make me do it.

When those animal urges kicked in, nothing could stop me, and putting Kit-Kat bars on aisle 3 wasn't going stop me. 

Keeping my kitchen empty never helped either. 

My point is, policy makers might have good intentions, but they seriously underestimate how easy it is to obtain food.

The only way to combat the epidemic of overeating, binge eating, and obesity is behavior modification, and that means taking control of your brain. Control your brain, control your body. Get it?

Banning candy at the checkout is easy. Reprogramming the brain on the mass scale is much harder, and that's where I come in:


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