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Don't Obsess Over Nutrition Labels

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2019

I was reading about nutrition labels the other day. Yeah, that's what I do in my spare time. I read about the history of nutrition labels so I can write these entertaining e-mails to you.

Anyway, Rice Krispies, of all things, was one of the first cereals to publish nutrition facts on its label. Rice Krispies! They started doing this back in the 1940's. Then the FDA (in the United States) mandated them in the early 1990's. Then they mandated trans fats on the label in 2006. Now, they're putting nutrition information on the front label.

One way to know that you're paying too much attention to nutrition labels is that you look at every nutrition label like a detective with magnifying glass.

Everything can go too far, and looking at nutrition labels is no different.

I remember I would look at every line of every product I ever bought. It really only wasted my time and it was completely unnecessary because I kind of knew what was in it.

These days, I have a good idea of what's in cereal, what's in cookies, what's in frozen meals, what's in this, and what's in that.

Once I learned the basics of nutrition and knew how to navigate a grocery store, I knew intuitively how dense all these foods were. But I kept reading them because I needed to know exactly how much salt, sugar, fat, calories were in it.

It never made me healthier. I kept looking at nutrition labels even though I was binging in my free time and starving/over-exercising to compensate. I would literally spend several minutes of my time deliberating whether to buy one type of almond milk or another because there was a 10-20 calorie difference per serving.

Because my health depended on the kind of almond milk I drank.

The only thing I avoid anymore is hydrogenated oils, and they're pretty easy to avoid. One version of these oils is trans fats which have been banned in the United States (or starting next year I believe). There's more than enough evidence that these oils can damage the arteries. If you want to avoid it, just look for labels alike 'organic' or 'all natural ingredients.' JIF peanut butter probably isn't your best option!

My point is don't obsess over small details. What you should focus on is the big details, like eating according to appetite and eating more natural stuff. You can start by clicking here:



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