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Don't Get a Bikini Body

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2019

One of the most common reasons I hear for losing weight, getting fit, and making improvements in your health is "I want to look good for the summer"

I get ads for gyms all the time that say stuff like, "ready for summer? or "want that bikini body?" It's the same old, same old, and if I had to guess, none of these ad campaigns do very well, because all of them are pedaling the same crap.

It's a cheap trick to get people to join. Appealing to people's vanity and desire to impress others is an easy way for marketers to get clients into the door.

It's okay to feel the need to impress others. It's part of our DNA. I get it. One of my motivations when I was trying to lose weight was to look good in a Speed or less! Can you imagine seeing a man wearing one of those things in the US? Germany maybe but not here.

But I also wanted to be and feel healthy. I hated seeing people who had perfect health or who radiated health and wellness while I couldn't keep myself from pulling into Sonic and getting spicy chicken and a Sonic blast.

The lack of control bothered me so much that I took action, took control of my life, and now I show others do the same.

What's the point? You need to have a stronger purpose than to look good or impress others. For most, it just won't cut it. If your goal is pure vanity, then I don't think you will make it. That's why I will never run a summer promotion or say something to the effect of, "get ready for summer." Don't get ready for summer, get ready for life. Your life is way more important than what strangers will think of you. Even if you do impress them, they will forget you immediately.

What's your why for wanting to eat right, get fit, and be healthy? I hope it's more than looking good in a bikini that you will wear twice a year.


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