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Don't Cling to Bad Ideas

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2019

One of the most obnoxious tendencies of humans is to cling to bad ideas when we know they’re bad ideas.

I remember reading about this group of religious fanatics in the 1940’s who thought the end of the world was near. They even predicted to the day when the world would end. 

When it didn’t happen, they actually believed in the prophecy more! 

I think it was the great psychologist Leon Festinger who researched this kind of behavior. He predicted that the fanatics would concede one and for all that their prophecy was wrong. It was Festinger’s hypothesis that was wrong!

One of the great CEO’s of all time was Sam Walton. He was famous for running experiments. One when one experiment failed, he would shrug his shoulders and move onto the next experiment without complaining.

He didn’t marry the experiment, he just moved on.

Ray A Kroc of McDonald’s was the same way. He was convinced that a pineapple burger was going to be a massive success. It flopped.

You know what worked? The fish fillet, the idea of one franchise owner. Now McDonald’s is the largest purchaser of fish in the world (at least at one time).

What does this have to do with you and me? It means we should experiment but no longer than we need to.

I experimented with a lot of different methods of overcoming eating disorders, and so many of them failed. But some of them actually did work. None of those experiments had to do with specific diets or macros. 

All of them had to do with experimenting with different beliefs. 

Beliefs lead to different behaviors. Our behavior is really a manifestation of what we believe. 

Quit experimenting and start believing new things:



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