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Dark Chocolate is Evil

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2019

Another patient story:

I was talking to my patient about dietary restrictions as part of my normal evaluation.

She said no dark chocolate. 

I asked why.

She said, "I can't stop at one square."

What kind of chocolate is this? I asked curiously. 

80% cacao.

This ain't Milky Ways we're talking about! You have to buy something like Green and Black or Endangered Species to get that concentration. And that's bitter. 

This patient is pretty lean for her age (77)

A couple lessons here:

1. Everyone has different preferences and different tendencies. I never binged on dark chocolate. Milk chocolate? Plenty of it!

2. Even people with no addictions or eating disorders or any history of overeating can have trouble controlling what they eat. 

You're not alone, and we all have brains that are hardwired for pleasure. The problem is we live in a world with too much of it. Controlling a brain in an over-stimulated world is a challenge. That's why I'm starting this business.

Next time you see someone who has it all together (no one has it all together BTW), just understand that he has his own issues too.

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