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Common weight loss mistakes

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2019

My latest YouTube video this week is about common weight loss mistakes. 

Most of the stuff I hear is like, "you're eating too much at night," or "you're eating but you're really thirsty," "you're eating too much sugar" or "you're eating out too much."

These might help, but I think it's cognitive biases that sabotage weight loss (or any other goal) more than anything.

I'm not a proponent at all of rapid weight loss. I think it's a bad idea, it leads to eating disorders more often than not, and it creates feelings of failure. It's a great way to sell a lot of crap to people, but it leaves them less healthy than before. 

If you want to know what the most common mistakes are, click here:

I bet you're making at least one of those mistakes. I made every single one of them, but even one of those mistakes can derail your efforts. 

If you're making these mistakes, then click here: and let's fix it. 



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