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Binge Eating is a Sport Now

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2019

I saw clips of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island, NY. 

Does anyone realize that this is a binge eating contest? 

Personally I think it's disgusting and I can't bear to watch it. Maybe because I've had too many episodes of binge eating myself and I know how painful it is sometimes. 

The winner was Joey Chestnut who was ate 71 hotdogs in 15 minutes or something. 

His chief competitor, Takeru Kobayashi, from Japan, is only 128 pounds but is a competitive eater. He and Chestnut are bitter rivals.

Now, who grows up and wants to be a competitive eater? Not me. Although I acted like one for years!

Kobayashi says his organs start shifting places after eating that much food. You think?

I remember the physical effects post-binge. I remember not being able to lie down with so much crap in my stomach. 

It's one more reason I don't miss it. And I didn't win any awards for it. 

Let's face it. Binge eating, and its less ugly sister called 'overeating', sucks. Unless you're getting paid for it, it's never worth it. 

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