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Be a Mad Scientist

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2019

When I bought my first business program from Tai Lopez a few years ago, one of the things he said was "be a mad scientist."

I didn't know what that meant at the time. Now, as I test different ads and different messages, I know exactly what that means. Most marketing will fail and you have to keep testing and testing.

Just today, I was listening to a YouTube video (always spying on the competition) and one thing that resonated with me was, "experiment and fail a lot."

The thing is, most experiments will fail. If you try 500 experiments, 450 or 475 will fail. Expect a 90-95% failure rate.

But Mark Cuban, the billionaire businessman, likes to say, "in business, you only have to be right one time."

He's right. That one hit can save the day. The minivan saved Chrysler. GM convinced the government to give it $50 billion in 2009. Larry Ellison of Oracle convinced the government that he could write code better than anyway. Edison had to try 1000 times to make the light bulb work.

One hit. That's it. One hit.

But to find that one hit, you have to keep experimenting.

I've said in previous e-mails that I keep experimenting with my diet. That's true, but not nearly as much anymore. Some things are set in stone. Carbs in the morning, protein and veggies at night. Maybe a little dessert after that. A couple energy bars during the day. No one day is the same, but I follow some basic principles.

I've been experimenting with other things in my life. I'm always looking for ways to optimize. I want to save time, save money, be more efficient, and be more focused.

A lover of spreadsheets, I document these "iterations" in one column and make a list of other iterations that I could make in my life.

Try it. It makes like a little more fun. Your goal today should be to be a little better than yesterday. Just a little.

Keep running experiments.



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