How to beat sugar cravings


Do you consistently struggle with sugar? Do you often feel like you can’t control sugar and sugar controls you with irresistible cravings? Do you struggle and fight sugar cravings or food cravings in general?

In this video, I’ll share with you some unconventional ways to beat sugar cravings, how to beat food cravings, and how to beat them for good.

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How to stop night eating- My 6 Best Tips


In this video I'm sharing my best tips to overcome and stop binge eating at night, eating at night, nighttime eating, and cravings at night.

Binge eating at night is one of the most common eating disorders.

I used to binge eat at night myself, and it wrecked havoc on my life.

In this video I'll give six actionable steps to stop overeating or binge eating at night.

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Eating Disorder Warning Signs- 6 Signs You Might Have one


Kevin Burciaga:                Hey everyone. In today's video, I'm going to be talking about the six signs that you might have an eating disorder. Identify them now and you can save yourself years and frustrations and time. Before we begin and don't forget to hit the bell below so you never miss a video. I upload a new one every Wednesday. If you don't know who I am, my name is Kevin Burciaga and I show professionals and entrepreneurs how to overcome unhealthy eating habits and establish new ones so they can become the healthiest and most productive versions of themselves. Let's begin. By the end of this video, you'll know the six warning signs that you or somebody else might have an eating disorder. I'm very familiar with these warning signs because I had all of them at some point in my journey.

Kevin Burciaga:...

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How I Stopped Binge Eating- Quit Binging Forever


How I Stopped Binge Eating - QUIT BINGING FOREVER!

I’m no stranger to the infamous binge eating disorder. When I began binge eating I didn’t really know what I was doing. And today I'm sharing my tips on how I stopped and overcome this destructive habit.

You may be desperate and wanting to hear everyone share their “how i overcame binge eating” videos looking for hope and inspiration. Knowing how to stop binge eating is not something that is easy to find out because someone just telling you to stop overeating does not work. With the tips shared in this video, you will confidently walk away knowing how to stop binging and how to stop compulsive eating. If you’re ready to get real advice on how to not binge eat then press play.

Sign up to my FREE online webclass where you’ll discover how to overcome unhealthy eating habits without dieting, restriction and tons of exercise. Claim your spot here:

Do you want to talk with...

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To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want



I was listening to Tai Lopez again today (big fan of him, BTW) and he was quoting Charlie Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.

A big myth we hear is that you can everything you want today. Everything instant: microwave meals (which I eat), messages, e-mail, same-day shipping, home food delivery.

This has a pernicious effect. We want EVERYTHING to be here now, but this violates an immutable law of nature: you have to deserve what you want.

I saw someone deadlifting 400 lbs the other day, and I thought, "why can't I lift 400 lbs?" But then I remembered that I've only been deadlifting for six months. That guy had probably been deadlifting for six YEARS, not months.

How does this affect you and me? When I was struggling with weight and food, and binging and purging, I desperately wanted to weigh less. I wanted to be at my ideal weight TODAY.

I kept telling myself I was going to go on a strict diet so I could lose weight as...

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Destructive Eating: It Can Strike Anyone


During my interview with Jenna Hillier, she said she had never met another male who was open and frank about his eating disorder. I’m not surprised, because most men never want to admit that they have this problem. My response was that Jenna, and most people, has met at least one male who was suffering from destructive eating.

The fact is, most of us have met at least one person, male or female, who has been suffering from destructive eating patterns. The challenge is that we don’t know who is suffering and who is not. I mean, who wants to admit that they do? Nobody advertises that they have destructive eating patterns. They don’t put that on their social media profiles. Why would they? It only makes them feel ashamed of themselves, and the treatment out there isn’t that effective: expensive retreats and rehab centers, therapy,

When I was a disempowered eater, I never shared it with anybody. I always pretended that I was normal and that everything was okay....

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Vote for yourself


Happy election day, everyone! It’s election day here in the United States.

The best part of elections is when they end. The commercials end. The attacks end. The media have to find something else to talk about. You get less mail in your mailbox.

I want to take this time to ask you something: are you voting for yourself?

Think about it. Voting for yourself means you make healthy, empowered choices about your life and your health.

You can go to the voting booth or order your absentee ballot, and you have a very small chance of influencing society and changing your life. It might be the least effective way of changing your life.

I’m not here to argue for or against voting. I want this to be apolitical. But if you want to have a profound change on your life and health, then you have to vote for yourself.

You can vote for yourself each and every day. If you haven’t been voting for yourself, ask yourself why? When are you going to vote for yourself? When are...

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Quit weighing yourself

I’ve noticed that everyone is weighing themselves all the time. I go into FB groups and see people posting pictures of the scale, announcing their weight loss goals, and their progress.

That’s fine and I like objective measurements too. I’m a physical therapist and part of a good evaluation is obtaining data to figure our what is wrong with the patient.

But can I make one suggestion?

Put the scale away. Not forever, but for now.

But then you say, “but, Kevin, how am I going to know if I’m losing weight? How will I track my progress? How will I hold myself accountable? What will I post in the group?

Guys, listen. For most of you, the scale is a tyrant. It determines your mood and your happiness for the day. If the number is good, you are happy. If it’s not, then you’re not happy.

I played this game for years. I remember after a “good day” I would get giddy and be filled with excitement in anticipation of the number.


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What is empowered eating?

After struggling for many years with various eating disorders (bingeing and purging, starvation, dieting, fasting, chewing and spitting, etc.), I had to find a way to recovery for good. And I did. The solution is what I later called Empowered Eating. During that struggle I had no idea that my struggle would become the solution others had been looking for. And I certainly never had the intention of creating something called Empowered Eating.

If I could describe Empowered Eating in one sentence, I would say it’s a way of making decisions about food that are congruent with your long-term health goals and your true values. It’s NOT another diet and I don’t even think it’s a philosophy.

If you’re reading this, you probably value your health and wellness above anything, but you’re constantly sabotaging yourself with destructive food choices. Maybe you eat at night. Maybe you eat well beyond your satiety point. Maybe you eat foods that you know you...

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