Eating Bugs on a Broken Leg


I don't know if you noticed that story about Amanda Eller the hiker, physical therapist, and yoga instructor from Maui who broke a leg on a 3-mile hike and then was stranded for 17 days all alone.

She ate bugs and wild guavas and withered away, hoping that someone would find her. Her parents offered $50k for anyone who found her. They killed wild hogs to look for the remains of a human inside their gut.

She had a broken leg and her shoes were washed away in a flash flood, which are really common in Hawaii according to what people tell me (although, how was she going to walk on a broken leg?).

It's an incredible survival story. Imagine what she was thinking on day 15 or day 16 as she slowly dies. 

You think you have it bad. 

Our problems are nothing in comparison. 

Her resilience and desire to survive are admirable, but I bet if she had the choice, she wouldn't do it again. And I bet if someone had been there to rescue her, she would have asked. It wasn't her choice that a...

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Being Proactive


On every plane ride, the flight attendants offer refreshments and snacks even if the flight is only an hour. Because people can't survive an hour plane ride without V8 and peanuts.

If airlines want to cut costs, this is low-hanging fruit. 

Would anyone care if they stopped servings small bags of pretzels and soda?

Despite the enormous number of options at the airport, passengers still expect cheap carbs and soda on the plane.

What's the most searched word on Google? FREE!

The human brain is designed to obtain resources with the least amount of energy expended. 

I enjoy soda, nuts, and snacks, but I can buy that stuff in much larger quantities at cheaper prices anywhere outside the airport. 

NOTE: You can bring food thru security. 

I couldn't help but notice the lack of proactivity  (is that a word? It is now). Pack something ahead of time.

One of the shifts I made was being proactive instead of being reactive all the time. 

To be proactive, speak with me:


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How They Seduce You


Walking through the airport food court, I couldn't help but notice how much stimulation and seduction was there. 

From Cinnamon to Auntie Anne's to Sea's Candy, there was so much food reward everywhere. 

Back in the day, an airport was where planes landed. 

Now it's like a fast food mecca. Seriously, you could binge just on your layover alone. 

These restaurants pay big bucks to place their restaurants just in the right areas. They are placed between gates in the main concourses and at major intersections where they know people will pass. 

You can smell the restaurants too. Who can't smell Cinnabon?

It's part of the art of seduction. These restaurant marketers know exactly what your brain wants. 

If you're not aware of the seduction, you'll fall for it every time.

Seduction works best when you don't know you're being seduced.

But if you want control and you want to be aware of what is going on, then click here:


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Why I Don't Go Number 2 in the Airport


I was flying the other day to a wedding. 

The airport is a great way to watch people and observe their behavior. 

One thing I try to avoid at all costs is public restrooms, especially airport restrooms. You literally have people all over the country using the same toilets. 

That's why I don't drink or eat when I fly, and I tend to eat lean the night before. 

There were about 10 stalls, and in 6 or 7 of them, men were doing number 2. 

Maybe it's different in the ladies' room. I'll never know. 

I just had to ask myself, "why would you want to put yourself in that position?"

Just across the bathroom, people were eating large breakfasts that would certainly make them do number 2 in the airport.

I'm not telling you this to gross you out. I'm telling you that you need to be proactive and think ahead. 

If you want to avoid public restrooms (which you should) and you don't want to put your ass on a shared toilet (which you shouldn't), then plan ahead. 


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Intermittent Fasting- The Latest Fad


I was at a wedding earlier this year. 

Let's say weddings aren't my favorite events. It's nice to see a couple get married and have a good time and see everyone look nice. But there's a lot not to like.

Topic for a different discussion.

We went to breakfast the day of the wedding and a family member was sitting there drinking coffee for breakfast. 

While everyone enjoyed their crepes, pancakes, and oatmeal (me!), he/she sat there with yellow packets of Splenda and black coffee. How exciting. 

There's a time and place to fast, but it's not at a family dinner. 

I remember my orthorexic days (regimented eating) and I would eat something different from everyone else. I couldn't just eat meat and potatoes. 

Back to the family member. Is intermittent fasting (IF) going to radically improve his/her health? My guess is no. My guess it will have no effect. 

IF is the newest fad, the latest thing in the quest for the Holy Grail of death.

I remember when I dialed in my...

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Growth Isn't Linear


I was on a recent podcast with Laura Christine Anderson (or "LC" for short) on her podcast Light of Conscience. I discussed my history and struggle with eating disorders, disempowered eating and eating without any control.

I learned a lot in that process.

One thing I learned is that recovery isn't one-and-done. I always imagined it would be that way. I thought my life would be a mess one day and then sunshine and rainbows the next. It never worked that way.

If you think you'll recover in one day, you're buying a lottery ticket.

It takes a long time to create a bad habit, and it takes awhile to undo it (although less time to create it). 

There's a right way and a wrong way to undo habits. 

Speak with me and learn the right way:


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Dark Chocolate is Evil


Another patient story:

I was talking to my patient about dietary restrictions as part of my normal evaluation.

She said no dark chocolate. 

I asked why.

She said, "I can't stop at one square."

What kind of chocolate is this? I asked curiously. 

80% cacao.

This ain't Milky Ways we're talking about! You have to buy something like Green and Black or Endangered Species to get that concentration. And that's bitter. 

This patient is pretty lean for her age (77)

A couple lessons here:

1. Everyone has different preferences and different tendencies. I never binged on dark chocolate. Milk chocolate? Plenty of it!

2. Even people with no addictions or eating disorders or any history of overeating can have trouble controlling what they eat. 

You're not alone, and we all have brains that are hardwired for pleasure. The problem is we live in a world with too much of it. Controlling a brain in an over-stimulated world is a challenge. That's why I'm starting this business.

Next time you see...

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You Will Fail On Your Diet


I released a new video this week on why diets fail.

It's written by a neuroscientist/columnist who herself failed on a diet. See, even neuroscientists fail on diets!

In a previous video, I noted several problems with the Biggest Loser, namely:

-Placing people on an artificial island and releasing them into the real world
- The starvation and overexertion of the contestants (sounds familiar, doesn't it?)
- How obnoxious Jillian Michaels is (I didn't say this in the video, but I'll say it here)

There's nothing wrong with these people but they didn't play by the rules

I'm on a personal mission to end dieting in the United States and across the world. I won't end it myself, but I can at least make a dent in it. Dieting causes anxiety, stress, and never leads to a good outcome.

Don't think you will be any different. There are better ways, like:

Being aware of what you're eating, why you're eating it, and how much

Join me on my mission:


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Eat Like an Olympian


I remember back in 2008 during the summer Olympics in Beijing when the media reported that Michael Phelps was eating 12,000 calories a day.

Something tells me this was a bit embellished to an extent. 

Be that as it may, a review of what Olympians eat reveals:

- The wide variation in intake- from as little as 1300 for a high jumper to 7,000 for a cross-country skier

- Chloe Kim eats churros and ice cream and gets impressive results!

- The rise of "beet juice" and other "clean" stuff

- The standard fare they were eating: animal protein, quinoa, potatoes, vegetables. Standard, boring, but functional.

What are the principles?

- Eat standard, plain stuff most of the time with room for flexibility 

- Eat churros and ice cream some of the time

- Eat the same quality but not the same quantity. Someone who eats like an Olympian but isn't an Olympian is a binge eater.

- Perfect everything else in your life

- Treat life like a game

- You don't need to drink beet juice. 



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The Protein Con


One of the biggest myths I hear is how important is to get protein in your diet. 

"Where do you get your protein?"
"Where's the protein?"

One of the easiest ways to make money is to put "protein" on it. 

I've seen cereal boxes and even cereal with the word "protein" on it in an attempt to lure more customers.

I remember the Snickers protein bar from a few years ago. 

I don't know where this protein obsession comes from. I think it started with the fitness gooroos and bodybuilders who drank raw eggs for breakfast and thought more protein equaled more muscle.

Then it was those dairy ads from the 1950's that told us that milk was "the perfect food" and helps our muscles grow.

Protein only creates a "halo effect", a term that consumer psychologists created to describe consumers who do one bad thing because they did a good thing. It's like splurging on an expensive item because you gave to charity.

I've seen protein popcorn and even protein bars for kids. 

Ignore the protein...

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